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Transform Your Career: Coaching for a Fulfilling Career

Agonising whether your career, job, sector or organisation is the right fit for you? Feel so disconnected from your work that you dread Mondays? Are you overwhelmed by your workload or internal restructuring? Does it feel like there is too much pressure for too little reward?

Does a difficult manager have you questioning if you need to leave? Has a major milestone like a significant birthday or parenthood got you reassessing your career? Or has an event outside of your control pushed you into taking stock of your career and where you are in life?

Are you grappling with indecision, unsure of which direction to take next? Maybe you have many passions but fear choosing the wrong one, or perhaps you can’t pinpoint even one role that sparks joy. Ever find yourself endlessly browsing job boards, feeling more lost with each click?

How many times have you said enough, this is it, I need to leave my job, only to jump on a job board and feel more stuck? No role jumps out for you. The fear that changing jobs might leave you worse off takes over. Restless for the right answer to suddenly materialise but wake up every morning on repeat.

What causes individuals to remain trapped in this mindset for weeks, months, years, or even decades?

Common factors that keep people stuck in a job…

Awaiting Passion: Hesitating to act until overwhelming passion arises.

Awareness: Relying on old information for new insights.

Reactive Thinking: Responding to situations instead of actively seeking what you truly want.

Misused Time: Wasting effort searching in unproductive places.

Haphazard System: Lacking a clear, methodical approach to measure progress.

Accountability: Lacking a support system, which leads to procrastination.

Fears: Concerns over failure, success, judgment, and age-related stereotypes.

Outdated Knowledge: Being unaware of contemporary job-seeking methods.

Limited Inspiration: Difficulty envisioning careers beyond current experiences.

Flexibility Concerns: Fear of losing long-term role benefits.

Financial Worries: Apprehension about lower earnings in a new start.

Do any of those thoughts sound familiar to you?

We understand how this can strain your personal life, affect your confidence, and even impact your well-being. Whether it’s salary concerns, the golden handcuffs dilemma, or feeling stagnant in your current role, these are real challenges that can weigh heavily on your mind.

If only you knew, you’d do everything and anything to make it happen if you did…

Well, I’ve got some fantastic news for you!


It’s 100% Possible To Find Greater Career Fulfilment

Yep. With the right career change coaching support you can gain…

Clarity and Direction: Uncover a compelling vision of your dream career.

Increase Job Satisfaction: Discover a fulfilling career path that leads to greater happiness.

Meet Your Full Potential: Align your career with your strengths.

Confidence: Conquer self-doubt and boost your self-confidence, especially in interviews.

Professional Network Expansion: Build a professional network which can open up new opportunities.

Personal Brand Development: Craft a compelling CV and LinkedIn that make you stand out in your new chosen field.

Contemporary Job-Seeking Methods: Become a pro at landing your ideal job through insider tips.

Improved Work-Life Balance: Plan for an improved fit between your professional and personal life needs.

Enhance Earning Potential: Learn strategies to negotiate better salaries and benefits in your new career.

Long-Term Career Success: Establish a foundation for career growth and success.

Let’s turn these possibilities into your reality!

Introducing Leap Career Change Coaching Programme

Imagine this as your exciting journey into the world of Positive Psychology, tailored to brighten your career path. We’re here to explore the grand canvas of your professional life, guiding you to a deeper understanding of what truly makes you happy and fulfilled in your career.


Boost your Career Happiness through a 6-Part Framework

Leap Career Change Coaching Programme


Ready for a peek into what the Career Change Coaching Programme has in store for you? Here we go!

Career Change Coaching Programme:

   1 Clarify Your Career Needs:

  • Picture crafting a vibrant vision for your dream career. We’ll help you crystallise your unique desires – be it purpose, growth, impact, meaning, or salary.

   2  Mindset Tools – Face your Fears:

  • Let’s uncover the real and perceived hurdles in your path. Together, we’ll conquer self-doubt and those pesky mindset blockers.

   3 — Accountability:

  • Discover new actions that’ll propel you forward quickly. Be supported to take meaningful actions towards your goals.

   4 Identify Your Dream Career:

  • We’ll dive deep to find career options that align with your true nature, strengths, and values. We will identify different opportunities that meet your needs.

  5 Decision-Making Tools:

  • We’ve got tools to support you to make those big decisions like  ‘stay or go?’ and plan your next career move, whether it’s an exit, progression, or a sidestep.

 6 Get Your Ideal Job:

  • From crafting a standout CV and cover letter to sprucing up your LinkedIn profile, acing interviews, and negotiating like a pro – we’ve got you covered.

The Career Change Coaching Programme is your haven away from work – a space dedicated to your personal growth. It’s where you’ll find the courage to make fulfilling career changes that support you to reach your full potential.

Remember, your career path is one of your most crucial life decisions. It influences your finances, lifestyle, relationships, confidence, and overall well-being. So, why not gift yourself the time and take a meaningful step towards building a fulfilling career and life?

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A small investment that can result in long-lasting financial and career development rewards.