Career Change Coaching Programme

Career Change Coaching can support you to have a fulfilling career.

Agonising whether your career, job, sector or organisation is the right fit for you? Feel so disconnected from your work that you dread Mondays? Are you overwhelmed by your workload or internal restructuring? Does it feel like there is too much pressure for too little reward?

Does a difficult manager have you questioning if you need to leave? Has a major milestone like a significant birthday or parenthood got you reassessing your career? Or like so many of us did the global pandemic or Big Tech layoffs push you into taking stock of your career and where you are in life?

Are you crippled with indecision and confused as to which career direction to take next? Or do you feel like there are so many things you want to do, that it is stopping you from deciding on a new career, for fear you will choose the wrong path? Or is it the opposite, you can’t think of one single role that you would find fulfilling.

Scrabbling for insight by scrolling through jobs online, only to feel more disillusioned? Find yourself moaning to those who care to listen but to no avail.

How many times have you said enough, this is it, I need to leave my job, only to jump on a job board and feel more stuck? No role jumps out for you. The fear that changing jobs might leave you worse off takes over. Restless for the right answer to suddenly materialise but wake up every morning on repeat.

So you try to numb the pain of a job you hate, by shopping, drinking, comfort eating or using any form of escapism that helps you feel a jolt of pleasure, if only for an instant.

It gets to a point where it affects your relationships as you become more irritable or withdrawn. You may even feel envious when you see alerts on LinkedIn that yet another person you know has gotten a shiny new role.

This can all take a toll on your confidence, as you know you are not achieving your full potential. Your overall sense of well-being is affected which can lead to your standards slipping, sick leave, and even burnout, as you start disliking yourself and who you are becoming in the role.

For some, it’s their salary, that has them agonising over whether they should change their career, sector, role or organisation. Maybe the weight of golden handcuffs wears heavy on your mind, and you mull over adjusting your lifestyle, taking a pay hit, to allow you to start over. You only live once after all! Or maybe you are in a job where your salary is capped, and you sense you need to grab your career by the horns and make changes in order to grow.

If only you knew, you’d do everything and anything to make it happen if you did…

Do any of those thoughts sound familiar to you?

Has this been happening for weeks or months, years or even a decade?

You may have a hunch already that what is really standing between you and finding a job you love is that you don’t really know what you want from a career and you are afraid to make a change. 


So why is it so hard to figure out your ideal career path?


Common factors that keep people stuck in a job…

Passion: Waiting to feel passionate enough about something before taking action

Awareness: Expecting fresh insight by looking at the same information

Thinking: Reactive rather than proactive thinking

Time: Time is wasted looking in all the wrong places for the golden answer

System: Haphazard approach with no clear way of knowing if making meaningful progress

Accountability: No support system, keep putting things off

Fears:  What if I fail, succeed, get exposed, get talked about, am too old, worse off…

Knowledge: Never taught how to identify, find and get a job you love

Inspiration: Harder to be what you can’t see


Find yourself in any of the above?
I’ve got some really good news for you!


It’s 100% possible to find more career fulfilment

Yep. With the right strategy, support and action plan, you can…

Create a powerful vision of your ideal future career

Feel aligned with your career and reach your full potential

Overcome self-doubts and strengthen your self-confidence

Master the art of securing your ideal job

Increase your income without impacting your free time

Introducing Leap Career Change Coaching Programme

Leap Coaching Career Programme is underpinned by Positive Psychology research and focuses on the bigger picture supporting you to understand yourself and what you need from a career to bring you increased levels of fulfilment and happiness.

Many of the answers you need to better direct your future are hidden within you, coaching questions and exercises will support you to see through the fog and uncover them, so you can make sense of them, create a plan and have the courage to take meaningful action.

Boost Your Career through a 4-part framework

Leap Career Change Coaching Programme


Once you know how to clarify what you want from your career…

👉🏻 You’ll never struggle knowing how you can work out what direction to take your career in again


Here’s a sneak peek at what’s waiting inside for you.

Career Change Coaching Programme:

   1 — Clarify Your Career Needs:

  • Create a powerful vision for your ideal future career
  • Cristalise your unique needs; Purpose, growth, impact, meaning and the salary

   2 — Mindset Tools – Face your Fears

  • Uncover real and perceived challenges
  • Overcome self-doubt & mindset blockers

   3 — Accountability:

  • Uncover new actions you can take that will support you to make progress quickly
  • Supportive accountability that is beside you every step of the way

   4 Identify Your Dream Career:

  • Uncover career opportunities that suit your innate nature, draw on your strengths, and allow you to honour your values
  • Pinpoint the dream career for you

  5 Decision-Making Tools:

  • Decision-making tools that will support you to decide if you should ‘stay or go?’
  • An exit, progression or sideways plan

 6 — Get Your Ideal Job:

  • Insights on crafting an effective CV and cover letter
  • Tools to enhance your LinkedIn profile
  • Tips for acing an interview
  • Strategies for negotiating salary and benefits

The Career Change Coaching Programme offers an independent space away from your workplace, where you are supported to take the time to think and grow your levels of self-awareness about what you need in a career to thrive. Be empowered to find the courage to make changes to your career that increase your sense of career fulfilment, are financially rewarding and enable you to reach your full potential.

For most of us what career path we take is one of the most important life decisions, we will ever make. We spend most of our time at work and the level to which we enjoy it, and our success in it impacts our finances, lifestyle, relationship, confidence and well-being.

Give yourself the gift of time to reflect on what you want from your career, and be supported to take meaningful actions towards achieving your career goals.

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