Career Change Coaching Programme

Is the career you are in the right fit for you? Did the pandemic push you into wanting to take stock of where you are and where you want to be in life? Are you feeling despondent but at a loss as to what career direction to take next?

Scrabbling for insight by scrolling through jobs online, only to feel more disillusioned?  Or do you feel like there are so many things you want to do that it is stopping you from deciding on a new career for fear you will choose the wrong path? Find yourself moaning to those who care to listen but to no avail.

Feel like you are going around in circles and that career indecision is crippling you? Restless for the right answer to suddenly materialise but waking up every morning on repeat? If only you knew, you’d do everything and anything to make it happen if you did…

Do any of those thoughts sound familiar to you?

Career Change Coaching offers professional support and tailored coaching exercises that will support you to gain clarity and take ownership of your career.

Leap Coaching Career Coaching’s six-session Programme is designed to support you to get a clearer vision of the career that is right for you. The programme focuses on the bigger picture supporting you to understand yourself and what you need from a job to bring you increased levels of fulfilment and happiness.

Many of the answers we need to better direct our futures are hidden inside of us, but we need support to see through the fog and uncover them, so we can make sense of them, create a plan and have the courage to take meaningful action.


Career Change Coaching Programme supports you to clarify:

    • What do you now want and need from your career
    • What motivates you, energises you, gives you a sense of purpose and meaning
    • Your strengths and the kind of work that would allow you to play to them
    • Your personality type and its impact on the type of work that suits you
    • Preferred working relationships/environment/sector/culture
    • Careers that match your needs
    • Identify and overcome real and perceived challenges
    • Identify and take advantage of opportunities
    • If you want to stay or go
  • Depending on your needs the career programme can also provide tips on
    • An exit, progression or sideways plan
    • Self-care workplace practices
    • Marketing yourself;  CV, LinkedIn, interview tips and salary negotiation

The Career Change Coaching Programme offers an independent space away from your workplace, where you can grow your levels of self-awareness and confidence which can empower you to make the changes you need to increase your sense of career fulfilment and reach your full potential.

The Career Change Coaching Programme provides a safe space for participants to examine their career and personal needs, take action with new insights gained and be courageous in creating a powerful vision for their own career future.

The Career Change Coaching Programme is ideal for people who are curious, are open to looking at their situation, and thoughts from different perspectives, and who feel drawn to step out of their comfort zone a little.

For most of us what career path we take is one of the three most important life decisions, we will ever make. We spend most of our time at work and the level to which we enjoy it, and are successful in it impacts our finances, lifestyle, relationship and well-being.

Give yourself the gift of time to reflect on what you want from your career, and be supported to take meaningful actions towards achieving your career goals.