Generation Z and thinking of or have you already dropped out of college? Or perhaps you have already started working full-time and know already that the career path you choose is not right for you? While there seem to be so many job options online nothing really feels like the right option for you. Or perhaps you have an idea of what you deep down would really like to do but are afraid of taking a risk? Feeling lost is adding to feelings of demotivation?

You scrabble for insight online or from friends and family but nothing is really sticking. You feel the time slipping by and fear that you will be left behind as you watch your peers seemingly passing you by. If only you knew, what you wanted to do, you’d do everything to make it happen if you did. Do any of these thoughts sound familiar to you?

Leap Coaching Career Discovery Coaching Programme is designed to support you to get a clear vision of the career that is right for you. The programme focuses on the bigger picture supporting you to better understand yourself and what you need from a job to bring you happiness.

Increased levels of self-awareness bring a sense of peace and increased levels of confidence which in turn is a catalyst for meaningful action.

Career Discovery Coaching Programme will support you to better understand:

  • Your Motivational Skills
  • Core Values
  • Higher Purpose
  • Interests
  • Preferred working environment/sector
  • Careers that match your needs
  • Self-limiting beliefs and dreams
  • Steps to getting what you want

You will gain increased clarity on what you must have in your career to feel fulfilled.