CV / LinkedIn Writing

Is your CV or LinkedIn profile failing to make a lasting impression in senior leadership circles? Are you struggling to articulate your achievements at the executive level? Do you lack the time to craft documents that truly reflect your expertise? Are you unsure of how to captivate the attention of senior decision-makers and executive recruiters?

With over a decade of experience in HR, Patricia has successfully guided senior professionals across various industries, both in the public and private sectors, to land highly coveted leadership roles. As an expert CV writer, she understands the nuances of executive positions and specializes in aligning your profile with the specific demands of senior leadership roles. Patricia excels at transforming your career accomplishments into a compelling narrative that resonates with top-level executives and positions you as an invaluable asset to any organisation.

CV Writing Process

Patricia’s approach begins with a comprehensive review of your current CV and any job descriptions pertinent to your target executive role. During your consultation, she’ll delve deep into probing questions aimed at uncovering your most impactful achievements and leadership qualities sought after by senior decision-makers. With this insight, she’ll meticulously craft a tailored CV that showcases your executive prowess and positions you as the ideal candidate for senior leadership roles.

LinkedIn Writing Process

When it comes to your LinkedIn profile, Patricia’s expertise lies in elevating your personal brand to attract attention from executive recruiters and industry leaders. She’ll start by understanding your primary goals on LinkedIn, whether it’s securing executive roles, expanding your network, or enhancing your personal brand. By reviewing your profile and understanding your aspirations, Patricia will optimize your LinkedIn presence to reflect your executive stature and highlight your unique value proposition to senior leaders.

CV / LinkedIn Review Process

For those who prefer a DIY approach, Patricia offers a CV or LinkedIn review service tailored to senior leaders. She’ll provide detailed feedback on your documents, identifying areas for improvement and offering strategic advice to enhance your executive presence. This service is invaluable for senior leaders looking to make a lasting impression and secure top-tier executive opportunities.