Career Coaching

Conscious that you want to look back on your career and feel that you made the most of your time? Want to feel like you contributed in a way that has real meaning for you? Want to look back with little to no regrets, knowing that you reached your full leadership potential? Realising that your priorities and needs in life are shifting? Seeking clarity on what would give you a sense of real purpose and enable you to feel more fulfilled from the work you do.

Leap’s Career Transition Coaching Programme is designed to support you to gain clarity on what you want from your career. The programme focuses on the bigger picture supporting you to understand yourself and what you need from your career to enable you to create the legacy you want to create. Increased levels of self-awareness bring with it a sense of assurance that is a catalyst for meaningful action.

Career Transition Coaching Programme enables you to  understand:

  • The legacy and life you want to create
  • What is most important to you
  • What your core strengths are and how to utilise them fully
  • Your career goals and the actions needed
  • What you need in your career to feel fulfilled