In the context of organisational change, providing compassionate support to employees navigating redundancy is a true mark of your company’s integrity and commitment to its people. Leveraging the expertise of Patricia Tiernan— a seasoned Career and Executive Coach with a rich background in specialised outplacement support— offer a sensitive and impactful approach to career transitions. We provide an exceptional level of career coaching, ensuring that each employee embarks on a successful new chapter with confidence and poise.

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Industry Expertise with a Personal Touch

Dual Expertise for Holistic Support

Patricia Tiernan’s extensive experience in HR managerial roles, combined with a decade of leading a career coaching practice, equips her with a profound insight into what it takes to transition successfully into new roles. This dual perspective ensures that our outplacement services are grounded in practicality and attuned to the current job market trends.

Customised Support for Unique Career Paths

We recognize that each employee’s journey is distinct. Patricia’s approach is to offer personalised career coaching that encompasses all aspects of career transitions, from sharpening resumes to mastering the nuances of interview dynamics. Her expertise ensures that every individual is prepared to navigate the job market with certainty and confidence.

Track Record of Facilitating Successful Career Transitions

Patricia’s expertise has been the cornerstone of countless successful career shifts. By tapping into her extensive knowledge of both the hiring landscape and professional development, we help position your employees to secure roles that resonate with their career goals and personal values, ensuring their professional advancement and satisfaction.

Specialised Outplacement Services

  • Career Transition Coaching: Targeted support through every phase of job searching, enabling employees to approach the job market with assuredness and strategy.
  • Networking Strategy Development: Empowering employees with advanced networking strategies, crucial for successful industry transitions.
  • Interview Skills Training: Focused training to refine interview techniques, ensuring employees make impactful impressions.
  • Leadership Transition Coaching: Specialised Executive Coaching for emerging and existing leaders to transition smoothly into leadership roles, enhancing their executive presence in senior leadership interviews.
  • Personal Branding Assistance: Guidance in developing powerful personal brands on platforms like LinkedIn, aligning professional profiles with the competitive job market.

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