Career challenges as well as personal life problems can hit us slowly or hard and fast. The world of work is changing rapidly, the air of uncertainty, speed of change and challenging workloads are impacting some of us more than others, the risk of burnout unfortunately is real.

Whether you are struggling to get through a particularly rough patch, or you know there has to be a better way than this or if you just can’t seem to see the wood for the trees.

Career Challenge Coaching can support you to navigate successfully through your unique career and personal challenge.

Common Career Coaching Challenges:

⫸ Overcoming impostor syndrome
⫸ Confidence knock

⫸ Building meaningful relationships with key stakeholders authentically
⫸ Managing up
⫸ Challenging relationships
⫸ Managing conflict

⫸ Navigating Irish, multi-national, start-up, or any new work environment

⫸ Overwhelmed, increased work and/or family responsibilities
⫸ Focus

⫸ Gaining promotion in a competitive environment
⫸ Competitive environment

⫸ Working remotely
⫸ Feeling isolated, lonely, removed, on auto-pilot, disconnected or demotivated

⫸ Challenging decisions to make
⫸ Salary and working conditions negotiation

⫸ Returning to work after a long leave of absence
⫸ Working parent or carer

⫸ Speaking up
⫸ Introvert working in an extrovert-dominated work environment
⫸ Important meeting
⫸ Challenging work relationships or conversation

⫸ At the risk of burnout
⫸ Languishing


Typical Career Challenge Coaching Outcomes:


  • clarity of thought and a sense of knowing
  • meaningful action is taken
  • overcome challenges and setbacks
  • heightened sense of resilience
  • renewed confidence
  • increased levels of contentment, fulfilment and achievement
  • flourishing


What to expect from the Career Challenges Coaching process:

  • learn effective coaching tools and techniques that will strengthen your sense of self-worth
  • be challenged to face and overcome what is getting in your way
  • be inspired
  • widen your perspective
  • be held accountable to take small action steps