Executive / Management Coaching

To help you decide if Executive / Management Coaching is for you, ask yourself the following questions.

Are you:

  • Joining the Senior Management Team in your organisation – or already on the Senior Management Team and want to strengthen your presence and influence?
  • Taking the step from managing to leading? – or preparing to do so?
  • Moving from senior specialist to senior manager – taking on people management and leadership simultaneously?
  • Taking on a challenging stretch assignment or significant project and want to make sure you’re making the most of the opportunity?
  • Struggling with organisational ‘politics’ or culture and want to think it through/work out how to engage with it?
  • Grappling with a role that requires you to influence cross-functionally?
  • Caught with an increasing workload and reluctance to delegate more as your team is already stretched?
  • Worried about the morale of your team and want to explore what to do about it?
  • Going through a career change or transition?
  • Looking for more career fulfilment?

Do you want to:

  • Fully achieve your career ambitions?
  • Be ready to challenge for positions a level up?
  • Ensure your first 90 days in a senior role determines your success and has the right implications for the rest of your career?
  • Identify a management style that works for you – and for the people, you are leading?
  • Understand your energy patterns and how you can grow yourself into a ‘Whole Leader’ – able to access Collaborator, Visionary, Driver, or Organiser energy and also when each is the most supportive of your objectives?
  • Increase your self-awareness and emotional intelligence so that you can understand others better, and enhance your influencing, communication, and motivational skills?
  • Identify what behaviours are working in your favour, what behaviours to let go of and what new behaviours will help you be even more successful?
  • Connect with and influence people in an authentic way?
  • Develop an important communication or presentation and want to test your approach on an independent sounding board?
  • Explore what creates meaning, purpose, and fulfilment for you in your work?
  • Think about your personal brand – does it reflect who you are – and who you want to become?