CV / LinkedIn Writing Help Needed?

Is your CV / LinkedIn looking dull? Are you finding it hard to put into words the exposure you’ve had in college, at work and in your spare time? Or have you very little experience outside of education to work with, making your CV / LinkedIn seems too brief? When starting your career in particular it can be hard to know how best to portray yourself well on paper.

As seasoned HR professional’s we have over 15 years of experience successfully supporting people to effectively portray themselves on paper for roles in the public and private sector. As experienced CV writer’s we know what skills are needed to be brought out in your experience and how to capture your true essence on paper.

CV / LinkedIn Writing

Annett will review the needs of a typical role you wish to gain and will rewrite your CV / LinkedIn to ensure that you are effectively communicating your skillset. Annett will meet with you online to gain further information relevant to the experience needed and then rewrite your CV/Application/LinkedIn to ensure your experience resonates with potential employers.

Cover Letter Writing

A tailored cover letter, written in the same style as your resume, can help you get noticed and short-listed for jobs. A cover letter is your opportunity to convey that you have the experience, skills and attitude, that the employer requires. A cover letter can be tailored to a specific job, or a general area of work.

CV / LinkedIn Review

The CV / LinkedIn review service provides you with constructive professional feedback. It entails your CV / Application / LinkedIn being examined by Annett, against your ideal job. She will pinpoint for you what needs to change and why. Armed with this information you are now in a position to update and tweak your CV // LinkedIn to suit your role. The CV / LinkedIn Review service will greatly improve your chances of getting called for an interview.