Motivational Career Discovery Coaching for Transition, 5th Year or 6th Year Secondary Students.

Secondary Students are supported to better understand themselves so that they make informed, meaningful study and career choices. Through psychometric questionnaires and career coaching, students gain greater awareness of their own personality, interest’s and strengths. Suitable occupations, courses, and subject choices are narrowed down through the career coaching process.

The aim of the Leap Career Coaching process is to support young adults to understand what the most fulfilling career option would be for them and to plan how they will achieve their unique goal.

Career Discovery Coaching Secondary Students in particular benefits:

  • Students who are unsure of what Leaving Cert subjects to choose
  • Students who are struggling with CAO choices
  • Students who are torn between particular career options
  • Students who are struggling to understand what direction to take
  • Students struggling with motivation to study
  • Students who are unsure of what their strengths are
  • Parents who want to understand the main study options appropriate for their child
  • Students who wish to know their study options across Europe