Interview Skills Training

Master public or private sector, in-person or online interviews with Ex-Apple EMEA Recruiter, Patricia Tiernan.

Interview Skills Training Process

We understand that interviewing can be a nerve-wracking experience, and that’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive training program to help you feel confident and prepared. Our training covers everything from understanding the format of your interview, first impressions answering common interview questions, to effectively communicating your relevant experience.

Interview skills training begins with revealing a framework to use when preparing for interviews, that will support you to prepare effectively for the unique needs of your interview and strengthen your credibility in the interview.

Strengthen Your Credibility

Our training is tailored to your individual needs and goals. We will give you tips on questions most commonly asked, how to prepare for a competency-based interview, as well as how to research the company you are interviewing with.

Leap Career Coaching Ltd provides tailored one-to-one interview skills training that supports you in perfecting your interview answers for common public or private sector questions. You will have the opportunity to gain honest constructive feedback on how to improve your interview answers and overall impression. Patricia will provide key pointers that will strengthen your ability to align yourself to the needs of the role during your interview.

You will have the opportunity to practice what you have learnt in a mock interview which will be designed and tailored to the unique needs of your role. Direct feedback is given on how to strengthen your answers throughout the mock interview. Insider insight into what employers are looking for in a candidate and tips that will help you to showcase yourself in the best possible light.

Strengthen Your Presence

During the training direction and feedback are given on how to form a good first impression in the interview through the use of body language, clothing, choice of background for online interviews etc. Patricia will teach you how to communicate your value in a confident, authentic, and impactful way.

After the training session, a training document with example questions, the key tips and mindset tools to perform well in your all-important interview will be sent to you.

Dealing with Interview Nerves

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, and it’s perfectly normal to feel a bit anxious. Maybe it’s been a while since your last interview, or you’re facing tough competition. Perhaps talking about yourself isn’t your strong suit, or you’re unsure about handling an online interview. If it’s an internal interview, you might be unsure about what to share. And let’s not forget the pressure of having just one shot and the high stakes involved, including a potential pay increase and personal pride. No pressure, right?

Whether you tend to over-talk or under-talk when nervous, Patricia will teach you how to communicate your value confidently and authentically and help you overcome any nerves you may have.

Additional Mock Interview 

After completing our interview skills training, consider engaging in additional mock interview practice to refine your responses and enhance your confidence. This becomes especially beneficial when encountering stiff competition and if it’s been a while since your last interview.

Our initial training lays a sturdy groundwork, while additional mock interview sessions offer opportunities to elevate your preparedness and ease during interviews. You’ll receive tailored guidance on tackling additional competency-based interview questions relevant to the position sought. Such practice not only helps uphold your professional image but also strengthens your self-assurance.