Management Interview Skills Training

Whether your interview is in person or online Leap Coaching will support you to prepare effectively. You will learn how to present yourself professionally and how to prepare answers to core interview questions that provide insight into your suitability for the role.

Interview Skills Process

Leap Coaching provides tailored online, one-to-one interview skills training with a seasoned HR professional.  You will have the opportunity to gain honest constructive feedback from an experienced interviewer. Your Coach will ensure you hit the right mark by providing direct feedback on how to improve your online appearance and interview answers. The questions your interview skills trainer will ask are directly related to your managerial interview. Your Career Coach will provide key pointers that will enable you to come across both confidently and professionally online.

Leap Coaching provides one-to-one tailor-made training that provides you with the skills and confidence to perform well in your all-important interview.


Additional Mock Interview 

After you have completed interview skills training, if time allows, it is useful to hone your answers and come back to practice what you have perfected to gain an additional opportunity for constructive feedback which hones your interview skills. For those who have completed the initial training, an additional one-hour mock interview can be provided before the all-important interview. This has proved particularly useful when competition and/or interview nerves are high.