CV / Application / LinkedIn Writing

Is your CV / Application / LinkedIn letting you down? Are you finding it hard to put into words what you have accomplished at work? Even if you have the skillset do you have the time it takes to make your CV / Application / LinkedIn stand out? Do you know what it takes to get short-listed by hiring managers, recruiters, head hunters, or ATS (applicant tracking systems)?

As a seasoned HR professional, Annett has spent over 10 years successfully supporting people in the public and private sectors to bring their best selves forward and get shortlisted for even the most sought-after positions. As an accomplished CV writer she knows how to analyse job descriptions and ensure that the main needs of the employer are being brought to life. Her gift is her ability to capture your achievements in a way that creates a great first impression.


CV Writing Process

Annett will ask you to provide her with your current CV, a job description, and/or ad for the role you wish to gain before you meet. She will review all of the documents and pinpoint the information that is missing or needs more detail. In your meeting, she will gather the missing information by asking you questions relating to what the hiring manager would value. She will then rewrite your CV on your behalf to ensure your experience resonates with the main needs of the role.

LinkedIn Writing Process

Before you meet Annett will ask you what your main goal in using LinkedIn is; apply for a role through LinkedIn, get headhunted for your ideal role, credibility/personal brand, increase your network, increase sales, etc.

She will ask you to provide her with your public profile LinkedIn URL (if you have one) and any other information such as your CV, a job description for your ideal role before you meet. She will review your profile and the impression it gives, what is working and what needs to be improved to meet your LinkedIn goal. In your meeting, she will ask questions that will support her to have the right information to strengthen your profile and ranking. She will rewrite your LinkedIn Profile on your behalf to ensure your personal brand resonates with how you want and need to be portrayed to fulfill your main LinkedIn goal.


CV / LinkedIn Review Process

The CV or LinkedIn review service provides you with constructive professional HR feedback. It entails your CV or LinkedIn profile being reviewed by Annett, against your ideal job or other LinkedIn goal. She will highlight what needs to change, be removed, or added and why. Armed with this information you are now in a position to update and tweak your CV or LinkedIn yourself. The CV or LinkedIn Review service is a great opportunity to have professional feedback on the impression you make and how to strengthen it.

Cover Letter Writing

A tailored cover letter is all about standing out for the right reasons, it’s personal and on point.  A cover letter is your opportunity to pinpoint your main strengths and accomplishments that would be of value. In particular, a cover letter can be a powerful way to convince people that you are worth speaking to even if your background isn’t the classic route to a role. A generic cover letter won’t make any real difference to your application. Annett will support you to write a captivating letter that wins you time with a hiring manager.