Hate your job and want to change? – 4 Questions To Ask

  |   Patricia Tiernan
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As a Career Coach, naturally, I seldom see clients bouncing in for their first coaching session proclaiming they love their job as this is the very problem that has motivated them to receive Career Coaching. Some clients express hating their jobs and desperately want to change. What is interesting though is how few have really thought about what would support them to love their job. Clients generally focus on what they have come to hate; person(s), systems, lack of progression, not being valued, unsociable hours etc. Where our attention goes our energy follows, unfortunately.

So rather than getting stuck in what is not working, place your energy on what would work. Complete the following four questions if you are unhappy at work to help you understand what a more fulfilling job would look like.

1. The best things about my job are?

If you were to lose your job tomorrow apart from income, what would you miss? Would it be aspects of your job, environment, sector, purpose, perks, relationships, flexibility etc.?

2. Aspects of my job I hate?

Think of everything that annoys you about your job and list in order of importance. Starting with the least difficult, how can you overcome these challenges?

3. What are my strengths?

Think about the times at work when you may have gotten positive feedback from others such as your boss, co-workers and customers. What skills and personality characteristics were you using/showing? Which of these skills would you like to use more often at work?

4.  What are my weaknesses?

Reflect on times at work when you received constructive feedback. What skills and personality characteristics were commented on? What skills would you prefer to use less off? Are there any skills that you need to develop in order to gain the level of success you want at work? What kind of job would suit your strength set best?

Once you have answered these questions brainstorm ideas of roles that match your strengths and needs. You may also be interested in reading the following Blogs Why We Fear Changing Jobs – and How To and  Love your job?

Patricia Tiernan is a Career and Life Coach and founder of Leap Coaching which specialises in boosting career fulfilment. She runs a targeted Career Coaching Programme that supports people to overcome their fears and make meaningful change.