Looking for a Dream Job? – Network Your Way There

  |   Patricia Tiernan

How do you look for a dream job?

Is your first thought to jump online to find it, only to become increasing despondent as you glaze over job ads that do not fit in with your dream? Or do you haphazardly check the organisation you would prefer to work for to see if they are hiring, risking waiting months or even years until your dream job shows up?

The renowned Career Book ‘What Colour is your Parachute’ provides the image below to show that 90% of us are using a job-seeking method of applying on spec without any connection to the hiring manager or organisation with a CV which works an average of 5% of the time.

Job hunt

Then why do we look for dream jobs online?

We get a sense of accomplishment from searching as we feel we are being proactive. It’s low risk, if we find unsuitable jobs it’s not our fault we are still in the same unfulfilling role its the market’s fault. Clicking from our armchair feels easy and can give us a brief sense of excitement – will this next job I click on be the one to save me from my individual work sorrow.

But here is the thing. Most of the really interesting dream jobs, the ones you can really get your teeth stuck into and have a life with are often in smaller organisations who often hire through current connections. That’s not to say that these jobs don’t exist in large or multi-national organisations but they usually have the pool to hire from within and may have more restrictions on what they can offer in a role.

Whatever the size of the organisation the reality is the more people you know connected to the type of work you want the more likely it is you will hear about a role of interest whether it is advertised or not. Even better if you have a good reputation or strong connection you may be approached to fill or help fill these roles.

An added bonus is the more immersed you are in the inner world of the area you want to work in the more you will learn which increases your marketability and hopefully above all general fulfilment as you are more immersed in a world you are really interested in.

So how big is your network both personal and career?

When was the last time if ever you thought about the number of people you know working within the field, organisation or industry you wish to work in? How do you increase your network and tap into it for the purposes of finding your dream job? Click here to read part two of this blog which shows you how.