Benefits of using Social Media for Job Hunting

  |   Patricia Tiernan

How can Social Media help you find work? Much is known about LinkedIn but what about the other tools like Twitter and Facebook?

Some of the benefits of using Social Media to find work are:

  1. It offers you visibility. If an employer or recruiter searches for you want do they find and more importantly what do you want them to find? Social Media allows you to write regular updates that can be linked to your industry or the type of person you want to be known as i.e. creative, caring, knowledgeable etc. This encourages people to contact you in relation to jobs rather than the other way round.
  2. The thing that will have most impact on you finding a job is contact with people. Career Change is about who you choose to get to know (Lees. L 2013). It’s through people that we often learn where jobs are, what job trends are and what courses are beneficial for today’s market. Social Media offers you a real opportunity to expand your network. It allows you to connect and follow leaders in your field, hiring mangers, on-line communities and those who already work in your dream job.
  3. You can find out information related to your area of interest, further ignite your interest in a field, learn about what is really happening on the ground. Sharing this information, books your reading, events you are attending will show case your knowledge and passion for the area.

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