Create a Motivational Plan for 2015

  |   Patricia Tiernan

Two insightful questions to reflect on to prepare you for the months ahead are “What are the three things you are most proud of from last year?” and “What challenged you most last year?”

Having reflected on these questions myself, I discovered that when I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and completed tasks that frightened me or made me feel anxious, this is when I felt most alive. There was a real sense of achievement from completing something I found difficult, whether it was giving a talk, presentations, going on holiday with people I did not know or completing a 10k run. We too often run or hide from the things that make us feel uncomfortable and yet these are the very things that make life more worthwhile and interesting. So the next time you get that uncomfortable feeling and don’t want to do something ask yourself, would I be proud of myself if I did this? If there was one thing you could accomplish next year what would it be and how would it make you feel?

Imagine it’s now December 2015. Allow yourself to envision a year that fills you with a sense of fulfilment, appreciation, happiness and satisfaction – what did 2015 look like? Write about what happened during the year. What were three things you managed to accomplish? How did you spend your time? What did you do to help you achieve your goal? (Mindfulness in May, 2015)