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In 2012 a former colleague put me in contact with Patricia at LEAP Coaching. I was unemployed for approximately 2 years and believed that my chances of employment, full time or otherwise had passed by. During the 2 years of unemployment, I submitted at least 250 CV’s for job application without once receiving a response.

During our initial meeting, Patricia structured my CV to reflect my current skill set and the type of employment sought. The results were instantaneous. With a new CV structure in place, each time I submitted a job application, almost immediately I received a reply, and to the extent that recently I had to decide between 3 prospective long-term employers.

Subsequently, Patricia has helped me with several interviews and her time and expertise were beneficial in the confident approach I took to each successful interview.

All in all, I found Patricia fantastic to deal with, accommodating, understanding and very knowledgeable. She has certainly helped me to return to work and for that, I am eternally grateful.