|   Patricia Tiernan

When I commenced coaching with Patricia, I was at a stage where I was nearly ready to give up my dream of creating a coaching business and working in the personal development arena, even though I have the skills, qualifications, and experience. I held within a self-limiting belief that was preventing me from moving forward.  A big part of what I was hoping to get from the coaching was to do with building confidence and getting a clear vision of the steps I need to take.

After four sessions I can genuinely say that I achieved everything I was seeking and more!  First of all, I would say that Patricia’s style really worked for me, she is a super skillful Coach who provided a safe space for me to take a deep dive and uncover all the areas that needed attention, so that I could move forward towards my goal. Patricia embodies qualities such as compassion, non-judgment, humility while also being able to challenge my thinking.

It was not the linear journey that I expected but instead, a real opportunity to investigate what was blocking me. This space made it possible to go through the issues rather than avoid them. I needed to spend some time on that before I could reach my goal.

On a final note, I did achieve my goal and in a nutshell feel like I am on the road to functioning from a place of integration, aligned nicely and ready to launch my business.  I am so grateful to Patricia for accompanying me on this journey.  I would 100% recommend anyone to contact Patricia, whether you need Career or Life Coaching.