I came to life coaching because it was part of my own coaching course and I was really happy with Patricia. I felt she had a really calming effect on me and I connected well with her and she helped me, to help myself, understand myself better to enable me to make more informed choices going forward but also and more importantly she helped me to open the window to dreams I didn’t know I had!!

If you find yourself in a career rut, check this lady out, Patricia Tiernan Leap Coaching. I was in a job for 11 years and found myself completely stuck. A few sessions with Patricia (and some challenging personal work!) I found the confidence to walk away. I’ve been self-employed & working since 2015. No longer working to please others, I’m working for me & for the values that I stand for. Change isn’t so scary when you find a good coach. Give her a try, you will have #noregrets.