CV / LinkedIn Writing

Is your CV / LinkedIn profile letting you down? Struggling to articulate your accomplishments and showcase your unique skills? Unsure how to make your CV / LinkedIn stand out in a competitive job market?  Lacking the time and energy it takes to tailor your experience and captivate the interest of hiring managers, recruiters, headhunters, and ATS (applicant tracking systems)?

With over a decade of experience in the field, Patricia, a seasoned HR professional, is your secret weapon to transform your career prospects. An expert in both public and private sectors, Patricia has a proven track record of helping clients bring their best selves forward and secure shortlisting for the most coveted positions.

As a skilled CV writer, Patricia knows how to dissect job descriptions and highlight your unique strengths to match the core requirements of your target employer. Her gift lies in her ability to eloquently capture your achievements, creating a powerful first impression that sets you apart from the competition.


CV Writing Process

On booking, you will be asked to share your existing CV, a job description, and/or an advertisement for the position you’re targeting. Patricia meticulously reviews these materials to identify gaps or areas requiring more detail before you meet. During your consultation, Patricia will ask targeted questions to uncover information that aligns with the hiring manager’s priorities. With the gathered insights, she will expertly re-craft your CV, ensuring it highlights your experience and connects with the core requirements of your desired role.

LinkedIn Writing Process

To initiate the process, Patricia will first inquire about your primary objective for using LinkedIn, such as applying for a role, getting headhunted, enhancing personal brand credibility, expanding your network, or boosting sales.

Next, she will request your public LinkedIn profile URL (if available) and any supplementary materials, including your CV or a job description for your ideal role. Patricia will assess your current profile, evaluating its effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement to align with your LinkedIn goals.

During your consultation, Patricia will pose targeted questions to gather essential information for reinforcing your profile and enhancing its ranking. She will then skillfully rewrite your LinkedIn profile to ensure it accurately reflects your personal brand and resonates with the desired outcome, ultimately helping you achieve your primary LinkedIn goal.


CV / LinkedIn Review Process

Elevate Your Career with Our CV / LinkedIn Review Process.

This professional evaluation, led by HR expert Patricia, offers constructive feedback tailored to your ideal job or specific LinkedIn objectives. By meticulously examining your CV or LinkedIn profile, Patricia will identify necessary modifications, omissions, or additions, empowering you with the knowledge to make impactful updates on your own.

Our CV or LinkedIn review service presents a valuable opportunity to receive expert guidance on the impression you make, equipping you with the insights needed to bolster your professional presence. Invest in your career growth and take your CV or LinkedIn profile to the next level.

Cover Letter Writing

A tailored cover letter is all about standing out for the right reasons, it’s personal and on point.

A well-crafted, personalized cover letter can make all the difference in capturing the attention of potential employers. It’s your chance to highlight your key strengths and achievements, demonstrating the value you bring to the table. A compelling cover letter can also persuade hiring managers to consider you for a role, even if your background isn’t the conventional fit. Generic cover letters, on the other hand, fail to make a lasting impact.

Patricia is here to guide you in creating an engaging cover letter that captivates hiring managers and increases your chances of landing that dream job. With her support, your cover letter will stand out for all the right reasons, showcasing your connection to the role, transferable talents and accomplishments.

Invest in your future today by partnering with Patricia for unparalleled CV / LinkedIn /Cover Letter support. Elevate your career and unlock new opportunities by showcasing your talents and accomplishments like never before.