As A Mum Are You Unsure If You Want To Start A New Job?

  24th May 2017

As a Career Coach, I have worked with many mothers who are frightened to change jobs for fear their next employer won’t be as family friendly and guilt-ridden mothers who feel bad for wanting their own space or career. These common fears when unexamined can lead to one feeling stuck. Get a pen and paper […]

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Leap – Change in Career Construction to IT

  25th April 2017

Interview with Neil O’Driscoll, Chef Operations Officer, What did the start of your career look like? After completing a Degree in Civil Engineering in UCC I worked in London for 10 years working as a Project Engineer on large scale concrete projects. I moved back to Cork to be closer to family in 2007. Douglas shopping center […]

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One Big Thing

  6th December 2016

I can get so wrapped up in day-to-day activities that long-term goals and life priorities can get put on the long finger. I am great at keeping to do list’s put priorities often shift and things get put off for way longer than they need to. As quick as a flash a few months have gone by […]

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump – Perception In The Workplace 

  15th November 2016

How Donald Trump is viewed in the workplace is reflective of one’s own past experiences, values, and belief systems. Those who voted against Donald Trump used words such narcissistic, chauvinist, discriminatory bully to describe him. On the other hand, those who voted for Trump described him as a shrewd direct leader who is not afraid […]

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Career Management

5 Helpful Career Management Tips That Will Excel Your Career

  1st July 2016

The world of work has changed forever. No matter how successfully the company we work for is performing we can’t rely on job security, outside of the public sector, no job is guaranteed for life. We, therefore, need to become experts in our own career management. So how can you effectively manage your career? Here are some career management tips […]

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Quit Job

Hate your job and want to change? – 4 Questions To Ask

  21st June 2016

As a Career Coach, naturally, I seldom see clients bouncing in for their first coaching session proclaiming they love their job as this is the very problem that has motivated them to receive Career Coaching. Some clients express hating their jobs and desperately want to change. What is interesting though is how few have really thought about what would support them to love […]

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  18th April 2016

While attending a weekend training workshop on Acceptance Commitment Therapy recently in Dublin, I was struck yet again by how effective it can be to honestly examine what it is we value. It sounds obvious in a way but when do most of us give ourselves the time to do closely examine what is important […]

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Vision for 2016

  24th December 2015

Seeing in a new year gives us a wonderful opportunity to reflect and identify fresh motivating goals for the year to come. Setting goals and working towards achieving them has been proven to make people feel happier. When we achieve a goal, be it big or small, we can get a rush of happiness, feelings of satisfaction, pride, pleasure etc. For the […]

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Benefits of using Social Media for Job Hunting

  2nd February 2015

How can Social Media help you find work? Much is known about LinkedIn but what about the other tools like Twitter and Facebook? Some of the benefits of using Social Media to find work are: It offers you visibility. If an employer or recruiter searches for you want do they find and more importantly what do […]

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Create a Motivational Plan for 2015

  2nd January 2015

Two insightful questions to reflect on to prepare you for the months ahead are “What are the three things you are most proud of from last year?” and “What challenged you most last year?” Having reflected on these questions myself, I discovered that when I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and completed tasks […]

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