Similarities in Picking a Holiday and a Job

  |   Patricia Tiernan

Ever regretted playing it safe and going back to the same place on holiday?

As we get older we can become more risk-averse, in part because we have more responsibilities, less time, and more to lose. So, we save time by not overthinking things we take fewer risks, play it safe, and pick tried and tested destinations, beaches, and restaurants.


Sticking with the familiar gives us an air of certainty helping us to feel like we are in control as we know what to expect and feel ensured we will be able to make the most of it.


We find comfort in this at first but when we routinely return to the same place we can find that our senses are less stimulated, we can begin to feel a little less enthused, a little less in awe a little less engaged.


Self-reflection can inspire us to act differently and open up whole new awe-inspiring destinations and opportunities.


Bring to mind some of the best holidays you ever had…


Was there anything in common that made them so good?

(interactions, activities, people, stimulus, learning, attitude, emotions, feelings etc.)


What different sides to you did you witness that you really liked? What enabled those sides of you to come out?


Is there anything you have on your wish list that you would like to do and why?


Based on your reflection has anything changed when you think about choosing your next holiday?


Reflect on the same questions in the context of your career. What does it reveal that is useful when choosing your next role?