‘Stay or Go?’ Decision Making Coaching – Niamh

  |   Patricia Tiernan

I availed of the ‘Stay or Go?’ Decision Making Coaching because I wanted clarity of thought to support a decision about the next step in my career. The highlight of the service was observing how my thought process had cleared up as I worked through the exercises and our coaching session. I will admit, when I first flicked through the workbook, I thought “this is not what I need” – but by working through each exercise, I realised how wrong I was. When it came to listing my “must haves” and “nice to haves” towards the end of the process, they just flowed, with very little effort or conscious thought.

Having completed the session, I felt confident that I knew what my next step should be and that it would turn out to be the right one – you gave me the courage to trust my instinct by helping me to see it from many angles and recognise that there was logic behind my instinct too. I have recommended the service to a few people already.

Patricia is an excellent coach, with a perfect balance of compassion and professionalism. Through both the pre-work and coaching session she provided the tools and prompts to allow me to answer my own questions, giving me great clarity. She put forward many different perspectives that I would not have considered myself and helped me to see things from lots of new angles.