|   Patricia Tiernan

In completing interview skills training, I hoped to achieve more confidence in my interviewing skills and also a better understanding of what was really being asked in the questions and the best way to frame my answers.

I felt 100% better prepared after my initial training with Patricia. This is my second time coming to Patricia for training (and second time getting the job!) and it was great to be refreshed and reminded of everything. It is made so that it is easy to understand and remember and the follow-up notes were brilliant when it came to revising again for the interview.

I also did a follow-up mock interview closer to the date of the official interview and it really put me at ease in my abilities and that I knew what I needed to say and the points I needed to get across.

I really liked that I was able to do it online as it meant I could fit it around my workday. I also loved that I felt so much at ease coming out of it and I knew exactly what extra work I needed to do in order to fully prepare.

I was surprised how much I had forgotten in the four years since I had first done the training! It was brilliant to do it again and to have such great results from it.

Do it! This is my second time, for two job interviews and both times I got the job! I couldn’t think of any better result than that. I have recommended the training to friends and colleagues since I originally did it and it was just as beneficial the second time around.