|   Patricia Tiernan

My colleague at work suggested I booked an appointment with Patricia in Leap coaching ahead of my upcoming interview for a Senior role.

I hadn’t done an interview in 5 years and was worried about not being able to articulate answers to the point and going off-topic.

Patricia’s interview skills training supported me to focus. She provided invaluable suggestions that helped me to have more structured answers. She gave me the time to air my worries about what I was struggling with most about the interview and gave me tips on how to overcome same.

Patricia reassured me about the work I needed to do and the information I needed to gather, which helped me fine-tune my responses and this definitely contributed to my confidence in going into the interview.

I would highly recommend Patricia to anyone with an upcoming interview or who hasn’t part took in one in years!!

I was successful in my interview and am very grateful to Patricia for the help and support she gave me along the way.