|   Patricia Tiernan
First of all, I’m really thankful for the sessions and for the time we spent together – it’s been an amazing experience!


My main challenge before I started looking for a career coach was my inability to find a job after completing my Bachelor’s degree. It’s been frustrating since the process of sending the CV and getting rejections lasted for about 6 months. I started thinking that I had been doing something wrong, in addition to the hesitations of whether I liked the positions I applied to or not. That’s when I realized that I needed professional help and advice since I couldn’t deal with it myself anymore.


I started my sessions with Patricia, and now I’m sure that I made the right choice. What I valued a lot, is that after having a first discussion about my problems and expectations, Patricia created the whole individual plan for us to follow, with an additional flexibility that allowed me to change the topics we worked on.


Patricia is a professional, who has a power to see what’s hidden and truly feel what needs to be done. The sessions were comfortable and had a really friendly atmosphere:) it has been easy to open and to discuss all kinds of topics.


The impact of the coaching is definitely life-changing. Together with Patricia, I managed to figure out what kinds of jobs would suit me in a way that makes my eyes shine! I’ve realized what my passion and strength are and in which direction I should be moving.


After having two sessions together, I got an interview invitation for a position that seemed like a dream job. I’ve reached out to Patricia and asked her to change the course of the sessions – I needed help with the interview preparation. We worked on it together, and it was the first time in my life I wasn’t stressed before attending the interview! I felt well-prepared and super confident.


The help from Patricia’s side has been incredible. The individual approach that she takes is very professional and it definitely does work. I got that job, it’s been a month and I couldn’t be happier!


My advice to everyone who is in a similar situation that I was: do not be afraid to ask for professional career coaching advice. And Patricia is a brilliant coach, who will definitely know how to help you!