Coaching Testimonial KD

  |   Patricia Tiernan

I signed up for the career change coaching programme to find some direction in my career moving forward and as a way of broadening how I was looking at things. The structured lessons were what I enjoyed most as they helped by breaking down different areas and allowed me to start looking at things in a different way. I also liked how each session could focus on a particular thing that came up during the lessons/worksheets. I now feel very prepared going forward, I know my strengths and am more confident with my career direction. I also learned how to translate this when breaking down a job description and preparing for an interview. 

I’m delighted to have been offered two roles that meet the needs I identified through the programme.

This programme will help you immensely, Patricia guides you on taking a review of yourself, your skills and your goals through the 1:1 sessions and the course. A worthwhile thing to do will help in numerous ways.