Since finishing school, I felt lost regarding my career, I did a few courses but never knew what to do so the anxiety kept building. I was never fulfilled in any of my roles and I knew I wanted more from my job. I eventually decided I needed someone professional to step in. Making the decision to attend coaching was most definitely one of my best decisions to date. My coach empowered me from the very beginning, each week I felt my confidence build and my anxious energy decrease.

I was fascinated by how the process worked. From the very beginning of the coaching process, I gave it my all and definitely reaped the rewards as a result. Although my knowledge of the coaching process was somewhat limited, to begin with as the weeks went by I learned the value of the process. My coach gave me the tools I needed to make positive life changes. At no point during the process did I feel overwhelmed, it was very doable, most enjoyable, and incredibly eye-opening! It helped me gain confidence in my abilities, identify my strengths and skills. It empowered me to step by step build the future that I now know I want to work towards.