Category: New Years Resolutions

Blue Monday

  15th January 2018

  Blue Monday is said to have been created in 2006 as an advertising mechanism to try and get us to treat ourselves to a nice holiday. The third Monday in January was chosen because of low bank balances after Christmas, dark and cold days, a return to the familiar routine of work and outside responsibilities, […]

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One Big Thing

  6th December 2016

I can get so wrapped up in day-to-day activities that long-term goals and life priorities can get put on the long finger. I am great at keeping to do list’s put priorities often shift and things get put off for way longer than they need to. As quick as a flash a few months have gone by […]

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Vision for 2016

  24th December 2015

Seeing in a new year gives us a wonderful opportunity to reflect and identify fresh motivating goals for the year to come. Setting goals and working towards achieving them has been proven to make people feel happier. When we achieve a goal, be it big or small, we can get a rush of happiness, feelings of satisfaction, pride, pleasure etc. For the […]

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Create a Motivational Plan for 2015

  2nd January 2015

Two insightful questions to reflect on to prepare you for the months ahead are “What are the three things you are most proud of from last year?” and “What challenged you most last year?” Having reflected on these questions myself, I discovered that when I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and completed tasks […]

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New Years Resolutions

  1st January 2014

    New years resolutions, when I hear the word I get an automatic feeling of guilt. Guilt for all the resolutions I have uttered and then failed miserably to see through. My resolutions have always been the bog standard, give up smoking and loose weight. Each new year, I would verbally punish myself for […]

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