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In my line of work as a Career Coach, I generally don’t get people

bouncing in telling they love their job as this is the very problemimgres

that has brought them to my door. What is interesting is how few have thought about why they don’t love their job. People generally just focus on the person(s), systems, lack of progression, lack of respect they have come to hate.

Complete the following key questions if you are unhappy at work to help you understand what a more fulfilling job would look like.


1. The best things about my job are?

If you were to lose your job tomorrow, what would you miss, environment, sector, purpose, perks, engagement etc?

2. Aspects of my job I hate?

Think of everything that annoys you about the job and list in order of importance.

3. What are my strengths?

Think about the times at work when you may have gotten positive feedback from others such as your boss, co-workers and customers. What skills and personality characteristics were you using/showing?

Which of these skills would you like to play to in your next job?

4.  What are my weaknesses?

Reflect on times at work when you received constructive feedback. What skills and personality characteristics were commented on?

What skill do you have no desire to use? Are there any skills that you need to develop in order to improve your success within a role? What kind of job would suit your personality best?


Once you have completed the questions brainstorm ideas of roles that match your strengths and needs.

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