Career and Personal Coaching Testimonials

“Thanks a million Patricia. It was great working with you …thanks for the motivation and support, it’s been really helpful. I’ll be sure to recommend you to any friends looking for a career coaching. I’ll definitely let you know how the job hunt goes.


“Hi Patricia,

I am in Dublin now. All ok so far, still few boxes to unpack. I want to thank you a lot for your time and help over all sessions we had together. It really did help me to ask myself the right questions, focus more on my needs and knowing better my personality.

Thanks again,


“Dear Patricia,

I can’t thank you enough for all your help, the last 2 weeks have been an amazing journey for me. With a huge BOOST to my confidence, I feel alive again and can happily say I am much more comfortable with myself. With your help and expertise, I have been able to position myself today in the professional working society.

Thank you once again for all your help, I really appreciate it.

With kind regards,
Carla ”

“Hi Patricia,

It was great to meet you and to work with you today. Thank you so much for your help. I am looking forward to the process very much.

I must say today overall, the strongest value I got from the session was being able to take a few steps back in my mind and gain better perspective as a result. I really had been looking at things in a way that was overwhelming me and today’s session helped that immensely.

Kind regards,


“Hi Patricia

Thank you so much for everything yesterday and also for all of your support in our previous sessions.

You are probably familiar with clients telling you this, but I actually woke up this morning feeling calm and at peace, and while I have no idea of the mountains and icebergs that lie ahead…

right now I feel composed and strong. You have given me perspective and have supported me, thank you so much.

Have a nice weekend!


“Hi Patricia,

Thank you so much for fitting me in on Tuesday, it really helped with my decision. I followed through on the actions we discussed and, after confirming that xxxx decided to accept the position with Laya. Thanks again for your help.

“Hi Patricia,

I had a few coaching sessions with you last summer and I just thought I would update you on how I’ve been getting on since then.
So I started the Masters in April. It’s two years and it’s very intense but I really like it. I work three days a week in the Pharmacy which gives me enough time for study the rest of the week. My boss has also agreed to give me time off for teaching practice weeks and Irish College so it’s all working out perfectly.
I am much happier knowing what I’m studying will ultimately give me that sense of fulfillment as I now know what I value most when it comes to my career. I am also a lot happier since starting back in the pharmacy as that work gives me a sense of self-worth that I think I was lacking last year.
I wanted to express my thanks for helping me make the decision to switch careers. I had every confidence when it came to making that decision because of the coaching sessions. I know I’m still young and it may not have been a very big deal to some people but at the time I was extremely confused and your help allowed me to focus and make an informed decision, which I don’t think I could have done on my own.
Sincere thanks for all of your help,

“Patricia is a fantastic coach. Her approach is so pleasant and personable – someone you can relate to, not only your coach. She teases out ideas and conclusions that you would not necessarily think of yourself. She makes use of the information in a different way, coming at it from different angles, helping you to reach a lightbulb moment. She has a fantastic gift for making you realise your resources are worth more than you thought they were. I visited Patricia recently when I was experiencing career uncertainty, and came away feeling so much happier, more confident and relaxed, with great ideas and a sense of excitement about the future again.” – Una, Cork

“Hi Patricia,

I just wanted to catch up with you and let you know how your coaching sessions helped give me the confidence to make a radical change in my career. I spent 2 years planning my escape (!) and I recently handed in my notice and set myself up as a sole trader, which is liberating to say the least!
You may remember we met in November/December 2012 for several coaching sessions – I wanted to move away from the pharmaceutical  industry and do something else – something both personally rewarding and which could give me much more flexibility than I had at the time, however I was unsure of exactly what I wanted to do, other than perhaps pursuing a teaching role or developing my qualification in Health & Safety/EHS.
I had a baby girl – born last November – and being on maternity leave gave me the opportunity to do a CELTA course, qualifying me to teach English to non-native speakers. The course was intense (especially with a 5-month-old baby in the background!), but worthwhile. I am now teaching several mornings a week and I am getting more offers of work as word of mouth spreads. I absolutely love what I do now, which I couldn’t say when I was in the permanent/pensionable/secure office job!
Also as an extra stroke of good luck, xxx offered me some work on a consultancy basis, with which I would be calling in to various pharmaceutical companies a couple of days a month to help them analyse and control their waste management systems. So, I haven’t cut all ties with my former life, and as this work will allow me to be very flexible in terms of setting my own hours and working from home. My email for English lessons is and my email for EHS work is
So, all in all, I am indebted to you for your help – I would never have had the confidence to break out of my comfort zone without you. I kept remembering that you said “Don’t think about what you’re leaving, think about what you’re going towards”, and that phrase kept me going even when I doubted myself and was full of fear for the future. Your gentle and kind approach was exactly what I needed, and your analysis of my work situation and abilities was insightful and invaluable.
Of course, now that I am self-employed and a mother of one, I am working harder than ever, but the difference is what I do now is so much more rewarding than before.
Thank you so much again for all your help,
Best regards,
Helen “

“Hi Patricia

Well, I had the second interview this morning it only lasted about 5 mins before they offered me the job:) they were so impressed with the way the first interview went there minds were made up. I have already been invited to an event hosted by the group on Tuesday night to meet everybody.
Thank you for all your help in achieving this. Very grateful.
Best regards,


“Hi Patricia,

I thought I’d let you know how I got on with the Job Interview.

It lasted for a grueling 2 and a half hours, but obviously, all your hard work paid off and they rang and offered me the job. I accepted and I start in 4 weeks.

I would like to thank you for all you did for me and I’ve been singing your praises to a few people who I feel could do with your guidance. So hopefully they’ll be in contact soon.

Thanks again,”

Conor, Cork

“Hi Patricia,

Thanks for all your help yesterday, definitely gave me a lot more to think about in terms for what I want out of a career as opposed to just what career I want. I received those exercises and took a quick look, I’m sure they will be a huge benefit in determining what’s important to me going forward.
Kind regards,
William “

“I contacted Patricia as I was looking for a career move. From the very beginning, she was extremely professional. She used some career coaching tools to help me better understand my personality and what I want to achieve. She took the time to listen to me and above all she did not judge my new career choices. She helped me to identify my wider skill set and opened my eyes to some possibilities I had not yet considered. She was very action focused.
Patricia, also did a very good job with my LinkedIn profile, my résumé and helped me to prepare for job interviews. I have recommended Patricia to a good number of my friends.”

Sebastien, Cork

“I met with Patricia a number of times to discuss my career options. I found Patricia to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and above all very personable. Patricia worked closely with me to ensure she knew what my motivations were and from there a clear plan of action was developed and implemented. I am very grateful for the support she gave me.
I can highly recommend Patricia Tiernan”
Mary Lynch, Australia


“I contacted Patricia because I was feeling isolated and confused about which direction to take; as I have been self-employed for the majority of my career I was unsure about which type of job might suit me. Through discussions with Patricia about my core values we discovered that actually, it wasn’t a job I really wanted at all. Moreover, we discovered that my hesitancy to move forward with business ideas was stemming from issues I had with previous business experiences.

This has been a fantastic insight which has helped me to understand my main drivers and passion. I have since felt complete confidence in my approach, I know where I’m going and because of that, I have been working much more productively. Patricia has helped me to put together a realistic action plan which I can refer back to for guidance. The programme has been invaluable in helping me understand myself better and give direction for the future. I am so happy to recommend Patricia, she is a brilliant listener, is obviously passionate about her work and goes beyond the extra mile to ensure you get the very best out of the programme.”

Ciara, London

“I went to Patricia in December 2012 for LEAP career coaching. I wanted advice and coaching as I finish my undergraduate Commerce degree. I was very confused about which career path I should take. I was also interested in discovering my personality and what career might suit me best.

Patricia was fantastic! Knowledgeable, personable, organised, unbiased, patience and friendly. Patricia worked with me so I could discover my values, motivators, personality and career prospects. She helped me open my mind to possibilities I had not previously thought about.

She helped me discover my needs, values, motivators and dislikes.I am now happy, clear and confident about my future! I would not recommend Patricia more.”

Sinead, Cork


“Patricia helped me make the transition from one industry to another when I was facing the daunting possibility of taking a completely new direction in my career. Her structured approach to coaching was exactly what I needed and opened my mind to new options and a new way of looking at my job and how I work.

Her keen insight and gentle, empathetic approach make Patricia a wonderful coach who will support and guide you to find your best path in life.”

Helen, Cork

“Patricia was my coach over a 4 month period. We worked on issues following the closure of my business after a ten year period and the impact it had on my self-esteem, family relationships and career prospects. I found Patricia to be extremely empathetic. She helped me to explore what were very intense issues for me at the time and come to a resolution for moving forward and accepting the past.

I contacted Patricia again to help me prepare my CV and application letter, as I am looking to move into a new career area. I am looking forward to working with Patricia again, the sessions were always productive and highly insightful.”

Martina Baker


“Patricia was a great listener and I felt she had a real understanding of what I was going through. I went to her for personal coaching, as I was not feeling very confident about work and my personal relationships at the time. She helped me realise where the root of my feelings was coming from by asking me insightful questions. My sessions with Patricia inspired and helped me move forward more confidently. I would highly recommend her.”

Sabina, Dublin


“Hi Patricia,

An update for you. I am currently studying a Nutrition FETAC level 5 online course, so baby steps are being made – many thanks to you.

And I also bought a TEFL online course just to keep the CV looking well.

I have also applied to move to Canada for a year or two. The visas do not come out until Feb – so nothing is set in stone as of yet.

So, if you’re available at some stage in the new year, we could sit down and make my CV and LinkedIn account look classy? So I am prepared for the Vancouver job scene before I arrive (if I’m lucky to get a visa).

Many Thanks,