Interview Skills Testimonials

Interview Skills Training Testimonials

“Hi Patricia,

Just to let you know I got 3rd on the panel. They only qualified 4 people so it’s a massive result for me.
Thanks so much your advice really paid off!


“Hi Patricia,
Just to let you know the brilliant news that I got 1st place and bagged the xxx Specialist role.
I’m over the moon and delighted that I reached out to you for advice and the mock interview. I took on board your guidance and it served me well.
You had been referred to me by a colleague and I’m delighted I made the investment in myself. I now have a role I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into. I’ll be passing on the good karma and recommending you!
Many thanks,


“Hi Patricia,

Just wanted to let you know that the interview went really well. I implemented many of your helpful tips and suggestions, and I was in the right frame of my mind going into it. I was notified last night that I got the job!

Thanks so much for your help.



“Hi Patricia,

Just a quick email to say that the interview for the xxx went well last Wednesday. It was very much based on the competencies with a few technical questions thrown in.

I found out last Friday that I made the panel and today, I have been informed that I will be receiving a job offer before the end of the week for a position in Cork. 

Thank you so much for your guidance and advice, it was very beneficial and helped me prepare to the best of my ability. 
I really enjoyed the TED talks too.  

Kind Regards,


“Hi Patricia,

My interview was amazing. I felt so confident and prepared, I put a lot of work into my examples following our session. I feel I did the best interview of my life. I didn’t get the job as it went to someone with more management experience and for me it is actually for the best. I did go for a feedback session after the interview. I was told I came across very confident and prepared and my interview technique was flawless.

Thanks for your advice and tips!


“Hi Carmel,

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you as I said I would.

Thanks to you I got the job and started last Monday – your sage advice was invaluable.

There was a little anxiety about giving my notice to…. as I wondered if it was the right thing to do, but in any event, I was too close to the door for comfort.

We will see how it all goes and I cannot thank you enough for your fantastic help.

Your service does what it says on the tin!”

“I wanted help with interviews as I did a job interview for a post and despite a lot of preparation and the interview going quite well, I didn’t get the job. There were a couple of HR type questions I answered but I didn’t really know what they were looking for.

I had two more interviews coming up and decided to give this a go.

Carmel was amazing, she provided me with feedback on my personal delivery of my answers and how to improve it. She prepped me with over twenty questions which may be asked and I worked on giving the best answers possible.

The following two interviews were the two best interviews I’ve done in my life and I was offered both positions.

If there’s a job you want, go for this preparation! It’s the best 100 euro I’ve ever spent.

Thank you so much, Carmel! ”


“Hi Carmel,
Not sure if you remember me, but I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help! I’ve been offered the position of xxx for xxx! I even managed to fight off 4 internal candidates and 15 external!! Only for your advice I doubt I would have been as successful, most questions we went through that day came up and after the week of preparation, I felt very confident.
Thanks again Carmel, I’ve passed and will continue to pass on your details to anyone I would think would benefit from the terrific service you provide.”

“Hi Carmel,

I do hope you are keeping well. I always said I would contact you again with the possibility of me securing a full-time job. I am very, very pleased to let you know, I now have secured a job with …
The position is xxx, with a Global undertaking. It’s the type of role I always wanted.

I undertook 4 interviews from start to finish and as you can see above I nailed the interviews. It’s a Permanent role as well with a very attractive package, so overall, I am very pleased, Carmel. I am now working here for the last 6 days…

“Thank You” so much for your expertise, knowledge, advice and especially your heartfelt support. I would certainly recommend you to any of my colleagues.

I wish you all the best in the future.
Many thanks”

“Hi Patricia,
I just wanted to let you know that I had my interview this morning … and was told I was the preferred candidate at tea-time!  I’m absolutely thrilled!
I gave the presentation a complete overhaul after our session and it was much stronger.  I had done a lot of work on the competency questions that you sent through and I was able to fluently give examples in the structure we practised to anything I was asked.  There was a great flow to the interview and I was really quite happy afterwards.
So thank-you very much for all your advice – I was never so well prepared for an interview and I’m absolutely delighted to have gotten this job!
Best of luck with everything yourself!


“Good Morning Annett,

I just wanted to let you know that I was successful in my interview!!

Thank you for your assistance, I will be sure to recommend your services to my colleagues in the future.

Thanks & Regards,


“Hi Patricia,

Thanks for all your help. I’m just out of the interview. I got a bit nervous at the start but I calmed down after the initial question. Have no idea why I got nervous as they were lovely… All questions I prepared with you over the week came up except one…

Thanks for all your help. You have been very helpful to me and I’ll be recommending you to others.

Kind Regards,


“Hi Patricia,

Just to say thanks for your advice and help for my interview. I got the job offer and I got great feedback on how I structured my answers and how I engaged with the panel!
Thanks again,


“Hi there Patricia,
I wanted to thank you again for your guidance and coaching over the past couple of weeks. I was delighted with my ‘performance’. I put my best foot forward and actually really enjoyed the experience.
We won’t find out the result for a week or so. But whatever the outcome, I’ll always be able to say that I ‘nailed’ the interview!
Thanks again and best wishes,


“Hi Patricia,

I hope you remember me. I had a session with you last August. I was going to have a phone interview from xxx at the time which led to an interview. I wasn’t selected at that time but I was shortlisted for a position.
I thought I would email you to let you know that I had a medical and got the position. There was an issue if I could work in a clean room environment because of my condition, but I am going to be in a position where I’ve been cleared to work in.
Thank you so much again Patricia, for all your expertise, guidance and advice. That session helped me get that position. It gave me the chance to look beyond the usual questions, to think about the position itself and the questions around that position. That led me to remember the duties I did when I was an operator previously. This is a life changer for me and my family.
Thanks, Patricia”


“Hi Patricia,
I came 4th on the grade 7 panel! There are two positions but I might get acting at some stage.  I am very happy. I surprised myself at the interview – I was very anxious going in but settled quickly and did a much better job at making answers concise and relevant.
Thank you very much for your help!


“Hi Patricia,

Sorry I haven’t been on sooner to let you know how my interview went.  I have been on holidays.

It went very well.  The meeting with yourself focused me on what to look at and how to start my answers.  I felt relaxed and I was able to answer everything they asked using my own examples as you had suggested. I came no. 2 on the panel. Unfortunately I didn’t get the immediate post but there is another post sitting out there waiting on finance to approve, so hopefully.

Thanks again.



“Hi Patricia,

Just to let you know I was successful at my recent interview for Senior Executive Engineer with the Public Appointments Service and will be offered a position with xxx in the coming weeks.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance – it was invaluable.

The mock interview and feedback you gave me was very beneficial as it motivated me to prepare in the correct areas for the interview.

Other areas that I concentrated on and that really helped just before and at the interview stage were body language and the power pose as they helped me relax and gave me confidence.

Many thanks again and best of luck for the future.


“Hi Patricia

Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent guidance in preparation for my interview for xxx (Grade 7). A panel was formed from the competition from which appointments will be made shortly. The good news for me is I placed No. 1 on the panel.

Thanks again and I will certainly be recommending you to anyone I encounter in the future preparing for interview,




“Hi Patricia,
I have been meaning to contact you to give you an update. The following day after I met you I got an interview day for the following week. The interview went well and I got panelled 2nd for both Jobs, and I got offered the QA manager post. This week I heard that the candidate who panelled first withdrew, so I had the choice of either job.
I’d like to thank you for your help, it certainly paid off and I would repeat the session if I was going for another interview.
I have forwarded your details to colleagues as many were interested.
Thanks again.


“When I first applied for the promotion I had always wanted, I knew I would need professional help to get me organised and prepared for it.

I contacted Patricia and we arranged sessions where she went through everything from the start to the finish of the interview I was facing. She helped me structure possible answers, learn how to hear what the interview panel were asking me as opposed to what I heard, how to tackle questions that I had not anticipated, how to come up with questions for the panel, and many more things that proved vital and others I had not even considered!

I firmly believe that if I had not received those coaching sessions from Patricia, then I would not have gotten the promotion. But I did, because she showed me how to get it. Now I do not have to worry about interviews ever again as I have landed my dream job! Thanks again Patricia!

David ”


“Hi Patricia,

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help with this. I got the job and should be starting in the next few weeks. I spoke to my boss after it and the feedback was very good on both my presentation and the interview. Thanks for helping me focus and put myself in the best light possible.



“Hi Patricia,
I received confirmation yesterday evening that I was successful in my application / interview and got the job! I’m delighted with the news.
Initial feedback is that my interview went very well and they were very impressed with me!
So thank you for all your help. It proved to be a very worthwhile exercise for me.


“Hi Patricia,

Just a quick email to let you know I got the radiology job in xxx, found out on Friday evening having interviewed on Thursday. All went well, the panel were quite relaxed and I had plenty of room to talk through the points in my answers, and all the questions I was asked were ones we had gone through…Overall I felt I couldn’t have prepared any better, and the content of my answers was made all the more positive and structured through your help, for which I’m extremely grateful.

Kind regards,


“Hi Patricia,

Great news I got the job here in the …

Anyway, delighted about it, all the preparation paid off. Thank you so much for all your help, I really learned a lot over the sessions, much of which is of help to me over and above the interview process. I think one thing that I did notice in the actual interview was that I was more grounded and felt ‘happier in my own skin’ which I’m sure came across to the board. Your expertise around focusing on the xxx and structuring answers was brilliant but also your more ‘holistic’ approach I think went a little deeper which is what I needed.

Thanks again for all your help, I will be recommending you to anyone around me here who goes for an interview.

 Kind regards,


“Hi Patricia,

I had my interview today with the head of HR.  I thought it went really well. I was nervous but I answered with confidence and I think my enthusiasm came across. I got what I wanted, in so far as I felt at the end of the interview I had performed well and got my points across. I am happy with that however the result turns out. I have another interview with the xxx manager.   I will let you know how It goes.

Thank for giving me that confidence.




“Hi Patricia,

Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for all my help coming up to my interview, it really helped. Everything we went through they asked, so I sailed through it confidently and not a bit nervous. Not bad for my first interview in over 14 years!
I’ve to wait 2 weeks now to see if I get a call back or not….. fingers crossed I do. I don’t think I could of done any better than I did.
Thank you again so so much, your an absolute life saver 🙂

“Hi Patricia,

Sorry for bombarding you with emails – but I’ve got the good news I was hoping for from the Public Appointments Service … I got through the AO Assessment Day and placed xx on the Order of Merit. To say I’m thrilled is an understatement!

This really is a brilliant Christmas present. Thank you so much for all that you have done to help me through this process, words cannot describe how grateful I am!

Wishing you continued success and a wonderful year!

Best wishes,


“Hi Patricia,

Just a quick mail to say I was offered the position. I got the official word today. Thanks for the help beforehand. It was great. I especially liked the power posing talk. I used it several times coming up to the interview and in particular right beforehand.
Best regards and thanks again,


“Hello Patricia,
Thank you so much for your help. I had my interview at 9.30 this morning, it started it 9.40 and I got out at 10.20. I enjoyed it so much. I was very prepared, thanks to you.
I will know in a fortnight if I get a second interview. Hopefully, I will be contacted you for further interview coaching for the second interview.
Oh by the way the question at the end about xxx, went down a treat. They said it was never asked before and he started on about how great I was. It ended the interview on a very positive note.
I hope to be in contact soon.
Kind regards,
Katherina “


“Hi Patricia,

Thanks for all your help today.

The interview was brilliant. They said that I would have the job…
Thanks again for guidance, ill let you know what happens.

Kind Regards,



“Hi Patricia,

Hope you had a lovely holiday. Just dropping you a message to say thanks for your help, the day went really well and I’ve been offered a place starting in September so it couldn’t have gone better.

Thanks again,


“Hi Patricia,

Just to let you know the interview took place yesterday and thankfully
went reasonably well, especially considering I hadn’t done one for so

The ideas you gave me for preparation paid off – although the
questions weren’t asked in the same format I could adapt the same
information in most instances to answer what was asked. Of course
there were some surprises and perhaps a slightly stronger emphasis on
certain areas than I might have expected from the role profile they
had given…

It was a positive experience overall in that I had prepared something
for most questions that were asked….

At least now I feel that it’s mostly a case of polishing the expression
and delivery of my experience for future interviews which is a big
improvement on last week.

I just wanted to say thanks for the help and best wishes.”


“Hi Patricia!

Not sure if you remember me but I was with you for interview skills before Christmas.

I went for the interview in xx and xx for the post grad course in primary teaching and they both went well.

To my surprise I accepted to both colleges. I chose xx as its a bit closer to home so I will be starting there the 27th of this month! I’m Thrilled!!

Thanks so much for your help, it really stood to me in both interviews!



” Interview went REALLY well. Couldn’t have gone better. Fingers are crossed, I will know in 2 weeks. Thanks again for all your help.



“Hi Patricia,
I just wanted you to know that I got the job you helped me prepare for. Since that evening I meet you I attended 4 interviews for 4 different companies and was offered all 4 roles!

Thanks again for your help.”


“I received belated news that I got the job. I was informed that nearly 10,000 people had initially applied for the jobs. Thanks for all your help. I would be happy to provide some glowing feedback for your website if required.

Best wishes,



“Interview went very well, really happy, she commented after the interview about my overall ability to answer, experience and personal presentation. Thanks for all the help..


“I got the job! Couldn’t have done it without you, it really was a team effort as I had never gone through anything like that before. They were extremely complementary on my CV and presentation and I nailed the interview. Thanks so much for everything.”


“Just wanted to let you know xxx offered me the job this morning. I’m absolutely delighted, thank you again for all your help, it really did go a long way.”

Thanks again,

“I got a call this morning saying that they wanted to grab me up before I got offered anything else. I am so happy. I am off to Dublin to do my dream job. Patrica, I can’t thank you enough for your input. You are so very insightful and it’s as if you gave me the formula! You are excellent at your job and I hope you go from strength to strength with your coaching business.”

Jane McCarthy


“I had an interview for a health sector role that was a dream job for me. I found Patricia’s advice, preparation and guidance invaluable – she taught me how to think differently and avoid the obvious interview tactics, and she passed on excellent techniques and skills to me. She is also extremely personable and empathetic, as well as being so professional. I’m delighted to say: I was successful in my application, as well as coming joint first out of all the applicants! I would highly recommend, without hesitation, Patricia’s professional service to job-seekers.”

Orla, Cork


“Just to let you know I got offered the xxx Fellowship yesterday, and I of course accepted!!! Thank you so much for all your help, I feel like the coaching really helped me to get it. Hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks again.”

Aisling, Kerry


“It went well, I was much happier coming out of it than the previous two interviews, the session I did with you made a big difference, thanks again, it was great!. I have not heard back yet but that is as expected as the interviewer said it would be a few weeks.I will be recommending you to any friends or colleagues interested in interview coaching. Have a good weekend!”



“I got offered a place on the GP scheme!! Am so happy! Over the moon!
Thank you for all your help – I think you gave me the extra edge of confidence on the day :)”



“Hope you’re keeping well. Just thought I’d let you know I got a new job. I’m now Sponsorship and Promotion’s Executive with xx. Your advice from our session came in really handy, especially the notes! I was able to go back over them before the interview which was really handy!!
Thanks for all your help! I really appreciate it.”



“I have been meaning to send this email for some time now…. Early this year we met for interview skills for a promotion in the xxx which was a great help to me and was a success, so I would like to say thanks very much for your guidance…”


“Dear Patricia,

I just wanted to let you know that I was successful in the interview last week.

The interview went well. I think I made my mistakes the day before!

The session with you was very helpful. I just wanted to say a big Thank You!

Kind Regards,



“Hi Patricia,

Just a quick email to let you know that I had my interview this morning ……

I’m delighted I went for it, it was a very positive experience and very refreshing to talk with someone on a similar wavelength to myself. Thanks so much for all your help, I felt not at all nervous & that’s all down to you!

Hopefully, when I see u next week, I’ll be planning my exit strategy or else back on the search! Either way, I’ll see u Wednesday as planned! Thanks again, have a good week.


“In 2012 a former colleague put me in contact with Patricia at LEAP Coaching. I was unemployed for approximately 2 years and believed that my chances of employment, full time or otherwise had passed by. During the 2 years of unemployment, I submitted at least 250 CV’s for job application without once receiving a response.

During our initial meeting, Patricia structured my CV to reflect my current skill set and the type of employment sought. The results were instantaneous. With a new CV structure in place, each time I submitted a job application, almost immediately I received a reply, and to the extent that recently I had to decide between 3 prospective long-term employers.

Subsequently, Patricia has helped me with several interviews and her time and expertise were beneficial in the confident approach I took to each successful interview.

All in all, I found Patricia fantastic to deal with, accommodating, understanding and very knowledgeable. She has certainly helped me to return to work and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Danny, Cork”

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