Career Coaching

Seeking a career that feels more meaningful to you? Want to feel content with and motivated by what you do for a living? Want to enjoy your job?  Want to feel clear about what direction to take your career? Do you have a strong belief that if you had a clearer picture as to what you wanted to do, you would make it happen? Want clarity on what you need to do? Need a way to think through what career would suit you best?

Leap Coaching Career Coaching six-session Programme is designed to support you to get a clearer vision of the career that is right for you. The programme focuses on the bigger picture supporting you to understand yourself and what you need from a job to bring you increased levels of fulfilment and happiness.

Alluringly, many of the answers we need to better direct our futures are inside of us already, but we need support in uncovering them, so we can make sense of them, create a plan and take meaningful action. Increased levels of self-awareness are a catalyst for taking meaningful action which in turn supports you to feel more congruent.


Career Change Coaching Programme supports you to understand:

  • Your Motivational Skills
  • Your Personality and its impact on the type of work that suits you
  • Core Values
  • Higher Purpose
  • Interests
  • Preferred working environment/sector
  • Careers that match your needs
  • Self-limiting beliefs and dreams
  • Steps to getting what you want

You will gain increased clarity on what you must have in your career to feel fulfilled.