Stay or Go?

Stuck in indecision?

It’s being termed ‘The Great Resignation’, we are calling it ‘The Great Rethink’. People are rethinking where, when, why or how they want to work and live. The overarching question of whether to ‘Stay or Go’ is on people’s minds now more than ever, whether that’s deciding to move to a different role or place, change career, find better working conditions, or go from paid employment to stay-at-home parent or freelance, there have never been so many possibilities.

You know what they say, the more possibilities the greater the indecision. Mulling over the same points about why you should ‘stay or go’ is exhausting, frustrating, disheartening and sometimes downright infuriating because it gets you nowhere nearer coming to a decision that feels right for you.

Any of this sound familiar:

  • Scrabbling for insight by scrolling through jobs and/or houses online, only to feel more disheartened?
  • Covid has compounded your dilemma and has you questioning what opportunities and challenges this new world presents?
  • Afraid you will choose the wrong path and forever regret it?
  • Restless for the right answer to suddenly materialise but waking up every morning on repeat?
  • Starting to feel anxious that time is ticking on, if only you knew, you’d do everything and anything to make it happen if you did…

Periodically dipping in and out of thinking about life-changing decisions that stir up so many emotions on our own or with someone who has a vested interest in our decision, doesn’t lead to breakthrough moments of clarity.

What impact is your indecision having on your relationships, career, quality of life and finances?

The consequences of not making a decision on whether to ‘stay or go’ have a trickle-down effect, in particular, it affects the other decisions you make.

Some of the consequences of putting off deciding if you should stay or go:

  • impacts career; decide not to go for promotions or find a different job/career etc.
  • impacts love life; decide not to seriously date or give the impression that you don’t want to fully commit
  • impacts important relationships; for example parents, partners, kids, and friends feel like they are living in limbo
  • impacts finances; deciding to live in the now putting off buying or doing up a home can affect your buying power
  • impacts happiness and wellbeing; uncertainty carries with it uncomfortable feelings, thoughts and emotions
  • impacts self-confidence; always feeling there is something wanting/missing, sense of identity and self-assuredness compromised
  • impacts your future self; put off making long-term plans, volunteering etc.


Making an informed decision gives you the headspace and energy to improve your overall quality of life.


Indecision → Clarity 

Introducing ‘Stay or Go’ online Group Coaching programme where you will:

  • learn effective decision-making coaching tools and techniques that will strengthen your conviction
  • demystify what a fulfilling, successful career that plays to your strengths looks like for you
  • capture the essence of what a life well spent according to your values means to you
  • be challenged to face and overcome what is really preventing you from making a decision
  • be inspired by the opportunities  that are available to you
  • widen your perspective through an exclusive global group of like-minded people facing and overcoming the same challenges
  • take meaningful action that brings clarity of thought and a sense of knowing
  • be held accountable to take small action steps

‘Stay or Go’ – 6-week Live Online Group Career and Life coaching programme


Aim: Clarify if you should ‘stay or go’. 

The programme is designed using evidence-based Neuroscience Coaching underpinned with Positive Psychology approaches to support you to overcome challenges, reach your full potential and increase your sense of inner knowing.

Be supported by two experienced Career and Executive Coaches based in London and West Cork, who designed this programme based on empowering coaching tools that have enriched their lives and countless others.

The ‘Stay or Go’ Programme will support you to:

  • clarify your career and lifestyle aspirations
  • uncover and overcome what is keeping you stuck in indecision
  • learn a repeatable intuitive decision-making life skill
  • be playful when making challenging decisions

The power of group coaching is that you get to tap into the wisdom of the whole group and strengthen your ability to make the best decision for you.

Accelerate decision time, capture your ideal life, safe in the knowledge that you have given it the expanded thought and effort it deserves.

We are really excited about launching the ‘Stay or Go’ group programme, as it’s not only going to support people to decide but to flourish in their career and personal lives.


Six 75-minute online group coaching and training sessions.

One session every Tuesday at the same time  7 PM (GMT).

Starting on 1st  February 2022 and ending the 1st March 2022.


Career and Life group coaching sessions are held over Zoom.


  • Exclusive discounts to coaching programs, career services and one-on-one coaching
  • Connect with people from around the world facing the same challenges
  • Online portal full of downloadable decision-making tools and techniques 


‘Stay or Go’ Group Coaching Programme facilitators:

Tracy Ward is the Founder of Career  Rejuvenation, a qualified Executive Career and Leadership Coach. She has over 15 years of experience working with senior management professionals in the global financial hubs of London, Amsterdam, Dublin and Sydney, where she progressed to senior management human resources positions. She has personal experience of relocating to these cities, and of transitioning from a corporate working environment to launching a successful business.

Patricia Tiernan is the Founder of Leap Coaching, a qualified Executive and Career Coach with a Masters in Personal and Management Coaching. Some Career highlights are working for Apple as a Talent and Acquisition Specialist in its EMEA headquarters and as an HR Advisor for Peter Jackson’s post-production film company in New Zealand. She has lived and worked in the US, France, China, New Zealand and recently made the decision to relocate with her family to West Cork, Ireland.  She has extensive experience in coaching people from entry to senior level, including Multi-Nationals, Third Level Education, Public Service, and the Pharma and Technology sectors.


Frequently asked questions:

What’s included in this course?

This is a 6-week live and interactive course, using a mix of training, group career and life coaching, tools and worksheets, to help you go from Indecision to Clarity.

Will I have to take part? How is it delivered? 

The workshop is a highly interactive experience, with presentations and individual and group exercises. Using Zoom video conferencing software, you’ll interact with the coach and with others in the workshop using your computer’s microphone (or a headset, if you have one) and webcam.

Please ensure that you have a space that is free from distractions and where you will be able to interact with the group freely online.

I’m having difficulty deciding if I should sign up, what should I do?

Feeling indecisive, I know a Coaching Programme that helps with that...

Click Here to set up an Introductory Call


You just need to have Zoom downloaded on a device, with the internet, sound, a microphone and a webcam.


We have very strict confidentiality policies. We ask all participants not to share externally individual disclosures discussed in the workshop.

Will I need to prepare anything?

No. We’ll cover everything during the workshop itself.

Can I get a recording later?

Yes, a recording will be made available in case you are unable to attend a session but to get the most from the programme you are encouraged to attend live.

What is Group Coaching?

“A facilitated group process led by a skilled coach and created with the intention of maximizing the combined energy, experience, and wisdom of individuals who choose to join in order to achieve organizational objectives and/or individual goals.”Ginger Cockerham

“The collective wisdom of the group often exceeds what is possible from an individual perspective in a short time. What emerges is Collective Intelligence which amplifies individual wisdom and creation.” Marcia Reynolds

How many people are in the group?

The group will be intently kept small to enhance your learning experience.


‘Stay or Go’ Group Coaching Programme

Starting September 26th 2022 – 7 PM (GMT)



‘Stay or Go’ Group Coaching Programme

(6 x 75 Minute Group Coaching Sessions)

Introductory Call

Interested in the ‘Stay or Go’ Group Coaching Programme but want to know more before signing up? Arrange a convenient time to discuss your needs and ask any questions you may have.