Interview Presentation TrainingInterview Presentation Training is based in Cork city, Ireland. Leap Coaching is open and providing effective online one-to-one interview presentation training during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Increasingly presentations are part of the interview recruitment process. Interview presentations allow interview panels to assess your knowledge, communication skills and enthusiasm for the role. Interview presentations are being used to decide senior management to graduate programme positions as they help employers decide who is the best fit for the role. Questions vary from demonstrating your knowledge and expertise, to your long-term vision, to why you are the best candidate for the job.

Interview presentation training will support you to identify and portray an authentic professional message that will connect with your target audience. Tips will be provided on how to connect with your audience and present your message clearly. You will be provided professional feedback on how to improve your slides and presentation delivery.

Interview Skills training Location: 7 South Mall, Cork, or through Skype for your convenience.

Duration: 1 and a half hours of one-to-one tailor-made training.


Presentation Interview Skills Office Hours:

Carmel O’Keeffe – Monday to Friday 9 am – 7 pm


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Presentation Interview Skills Trainer Contact Information:

Carmel O’Keeffe


Interview Presentation Training Cost:



Special Offers:

  • €5 discount applies if you are currently unemployed or a full-time student


A small investment that can rip long-lasting financial and career development rewards.


Additional Mock Interview 
Having completed the presentation training some clients like to gain an additional opportunity to practice what they have learned. For those who have completed the initial training, an additional one-hour mock interview can be provided before the all-important interview. This has provided beneficial when competition and/or interview nerves are high.
Duration: 1-hour mock interview