Donald Trump – Perception In The Workplace 

  |   Patricia Tiernan
Donald Trump

How Donald Trump is viewed in the workplace is reflective of one’s own past experiences, values, and belief systems. Those who voted against Donald Trump used words such narcissistic, chauvinist, discriminatory bully to describe him. On the other hand, those who voted for Trump described him as a shrewd direct leader who is not afraid to go against the status quo in order to achieve success.

How are you perceived in the work? How would you like to be perceived? Your own life experiences, values, and belief systems will affect your response. Where did these values and belief systems come from and do they serve you well? What small steps can you take to emulate your desired qualities?

One4all Rewards Spotlights Awards conducted a survey of 2,000 UK adults to determine what they admired most in colleagues at work. The results show that people’s ability to get the task done was most important followed by their attitude. While not every industry values the same qualities in its colleagues, the results do pose the question how do others view your work performance and how is your attitude to life coming across.

How to be the most loved colleague at work:

  1. Be effective and deliver results (37pc)
  2. Be optimistic and enthusiastic (31pc)
  3. Be trustworthy enough to keep secrets or listen to worries (30pc)
  4. Display initiative (27pc)
  5. Be knowledgeable about what you do (25pc)
  6. Meet deadlines and be organised (24pc)
  7. Be empathetic enough to offer a shoulder to cry on (18pc)
  8. Show leadership (13pc)
  9. Be dedicated – arrive early and stay late (11pc)