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Similarities in Picking a Holiday and a Job

  27th July 2022

Ever regretted playing it safe and going back to the same place on holiday? As we get older we can become more risk-averse, in part because we have more responsibilities, less time, and more to lose. So, we save time by not overthinking things we take fewer risks, play it safe, and pick tried and […]

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Meaningful life

Emotional Agility

  24th May 2021

The key to living a fulfilling life – Emotional Agility   How often have you regretted overreacting to a situation or ignoring your gut instinct? Did you stop to ask what your emotions were really telling you? Or did you feel shame for having uncomfortable emotions in the first place, that you should be grateful […]

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  27th March 2020

Job hunting or effectively managing your career can be really tough at the best of times but during a pandemic where do you start? What can you do when restrictions and the impact on industries are changing daily. The Government is offering some support but this will have varying degrees of relief depending on your […]

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Looking for a Dream Job? – Network Your Way There

  10th January 2020

How do you look for a dream job? Is your first thought to jump online to find it, only to become increasing despondent as you glaze over job ads that do not fit in with your dream? Or do you haphazardly check the organisation you would prefer to work for to see if they are hiring, […]

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Challenge 2019

  1st January 2019

New Year Resolutions 2019 Forget about New Year Resolutions and challenge yourself in 2019 instead!  Swap punishing yourself for what you should be giving up and start having fun meeting a daily challenge. It’s all the rage for a reason. You can join in a community of like-minded people to support you to be held […]

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Fear Interviews

How to Overcome Your Fear of Interviews

  20th June 2018

As a Career Coach, one of the first things I hear when I run one-to-one interview skills training is ‘I hate selling myself, I’m just no good at interviews, I’m dreading this’. It is perfectly understandable why we fear interviews as many of us resist with every inch of our bodies speaking highly about ourselves. […]

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3 Tips on the Basics that Underline Happiness

  30th March 2018

Basics of Human Happiness There are times in all of our lives when we feel something is not quite right. Sometimes we can put our finger directly on why we feel down, like when a relationship or career is struggling to meet our expectations. But there are times we are really not sure why our happiness levels are low […]

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Why We Fear Changing Jobs – and How To

  1st March 2018

As a Career Coach, I often work with clients who feel extremely miserable because they hate their jobs but fear changing them. When asked how long they have been feeling this way typically they reply a few years!!! The knock on impact of staying in a job we hate often has severe repercussions on our health, relationships and even changes our innate personality. So why does […]

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I love my job

Love your job?

  2nd February 2018

Many of the career coaching clients I work with feel that it’s a pipe dream to love their job. Even though they are deeply unhappy they are petrified to leave the comfort zone of their current role in case the next job is worse. Some even feel guilty for wanting a job they love because they feel they […]

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Blue Monday

  15th January 2018

  Blue Monday is said to have been created in 2006 as an advertising mechanism to try and get us to treat ourselves to a nice holiday. The third Monday in January was chosen because of low bank balances after Christmas, dark and cold days, a return to the familiar routine of work and outside responsibilities, […]

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