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Emotional Intelligence

The Magic of Emotional Intelligence: Your Key to Career Progress and Inner Calm

  15th November 2023

The Magic of Emotional Intelligence: Your Secret Ingredient for Career Growth and Inner Peace Hey there! I want to share with you something that can make such a difference to your career and personal sense of fulfilment: Emotional Intelligence (EI). You’ve likely heard about it, haven’t you? But I’m here to give you some nifty […]

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Maximising Your Time During Redundancy: Tips for Staying Productive and Focused

  7th April 2023

Redundancy, layoff, and losing your job identity, can be difficult and uncertain times, but they can also present an opportunity to reignite your career. Losing a job can be tough, particularly if you have a lot of pressing financial responsibilities but there are lots of things you can do to make the most of this […]

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Inner Wisdom

The Wisdom Is WithIn

  28th February 2023

Are you struggling to find your career direction? Are you feeling lost or unsure about what path to take in your professional life? If so, you’re not alone. Many people go through periods of uncertainty and confusion when it comes to their career choices. It’s easy to get caught up in what others are doing […]

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comfort zone, fear, change

How To Overcome The Fear Of Changing Jobs.

  8th February 2023

What’s the one thing that’s guaranteed to stir up feelings of dread and unease in the average person? Change. Changing jobs is no different. It’s a daunting prospect, no matter how necessary it may be. After all, there are so many unknowns that come with taking on a new role, from potentially not clicking with […]

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Career Cushioning

What is Career Cushioning?

  19th January 2023

Career Cushioning is the new buzzword floating around, in particular due to the recent layoffs in the tech industry. If you lost your job tomorrow, how easy would it be for you to get a new role? What is your market value? Career Cushioning is all about preparing for the unexpected. It’s about having a […]

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Stuck in a Career Rut

  4th January 2023

Stuck in a career rut? It’s a common feeling, and there are often underlying beliefs that contribute to our sense of frustration and lack of fulfilment in our work. By recognizing and addressing these beliefs, we can take control of our careers and pursue work that is more fulfilling and satisfying. Here are some common […]

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Quit Quitting

Quiet Quitting

  28th September 2022

Quiet Quitting is getting a lot of press at the moment, in case you haven’t come across it yet it basically is the growing trend of people deciding that they are going to go above and beyond what they have been hired to do. No more late nights no more taking on additional work.  Clients I […]

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Stay or Go? – Career Decision-Making Tips

  5th September 2022

Your job is soul-destroying at times or maybe you dread going in on Monday morning, you definitely don’t see a future in it but you can’t see an easy way out either. You periodically jump online searching for a dream job but feel more trapped as nothing looks promising enough. Is this as good as […]

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Similarities in Picking a Holiday and a Job

  27th July 2022

Ever regretted playing it safe and going back to the same place on holiday? As we get older we can become more risk-averse, in part because we have more responsibilities, less time, and more to lose. So, we save time by not overthinking things we take fewer risks, play it safe, and pick tried and […]

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Meaningful life

Emotional Agility

  24th May 2021

The key to living a fulfilling life – Emotional Agility   How often have you regretted overreacting to a situation or ignoring your gut instinct? Did you stop to ask what your emotions were really telling you? Or did you feel shame for having uncomfortable emotions in the first place, that you should be grateful […]

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