Assessment Centre Training

Assessment Centre Training

One-to-one training available in Cork City or worldwide via Skype.

Increasingly employers are using assessment centres to short-list candidates, as it is seen an effective means of assessing if candidates have the skills and competencies needed for the role. It is growing in popularity because it is seen as fairer and more accurate means of dealing with a high volume of applicants. It particular roles within the Pharmaceutical industry, Public Sector, Pilots, Graduate Programmes and roles with high levels of responsibility utilise psychometric testing for short-listing and choosing the best candidate for the job.

While the need for psychometric testing and group assessment activities is understandable it does not make it any less daunting for the candidate. Many people may only attend an Assessment Centre once in their lives and may not know of anyone or a few people who have gone through a similar experience.

Common questions when called to attend an assessment centre might be;

  • What can I expect to happen at the Assessment Centre?
  • What are the assessors looking for?
  • How can I best prepare for psychometric tests?
  • What can I expect from group exercises and how can I best prepare?
  • How can I reduce the anxiety I am feeling?

Leap Coaching provides tailored one-to-one training that will answer these questions and support you to effectively prepare for the tests and activities that are part of your assessment day.

Annett Brown provides the training and is a seasoned Talent Management and Development Consultant with over 15 years of experience in designing and managing Assessment Centers. Annett is qualified through A&DC as a Centre Manager and Assessor. She is adept in all areas of competency mapping and outplacement support. Annett is an expert in conducting and assessing ability exercises, personality assessment tools, simulation exercises and 360 tools. Some of her career highlights included the training of assessors in collaboration with Ernst & Young, providing Leadership Coaching with Ashridge Business School and ILM Training for various multi-national companies. Annett has worked extensively in Ireland, the UAE, Turkey and Germany. Annett is a qualified Occupational Personality and Ability Assessor with an accreditation from the British Psychological Society. She is licensed to use the following psychometric tools: OPQ, Seville-Wave, NEO, PAPI, CIPQ, Birkmann First Look, EQI-2.0 and EQI360.

Assessment Centre Training Cost:

☞ Personality & Aptitude Test Training – €85 (1 hour)

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☞ Personality, Aptitude and Simulation Training (Group Discussion, In-Trays, Role Plays) – €110 (1.5 hours)
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If you are unable to find a suitable time to meet Annett through our online booking system please feel free to contact her by email, she will do her utmost to accommodate you in person, phone or Skype.


“Hi Annett,
Hope you had a great weekend.
Just sending a quick email with regards my Assessment Centre last Thursday in London.
Firstly, they rang me on Friday morning offering me the job, so I’m delighted. I thought the day was challenging with many strong characters. I am very thankful for your advice with regards to the role play and group exercises, it definitely helped me…
Once again, thank you so much for your help and guidance I really appreciate it.
Kind Regards,

“Hi Annett,

Just letting you know my good news. I got one of the full-time positions in DePuy. We were only told last week after a long wait. Thank you for your help in preparation for the assessment centre and interview. You were a great help, working with you  improved my confidence.”


“Hi Annett,

I would just like to sincerely thank you for your help on Monday- I am so much less anxious about the group assessment now & feel equipped to go into it with confidence.
I am going to review all of the attached materials & spend plenty of time practising.
Thanks a million”