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Career Management

Jobs aren’t guaranteed for life, we can’t foretell what will happen to our job in the future.  For the most part, most of us don’t expect or wish to be with the same employer all our lives regardless but we do want to enjoy our jobs while we are in them. So how can you best take control and effectively manage  your career? Here are some points that can support you to do just that.


1. What would happen if you arrived to work tomorrow and your job/business was gone?

When I meet clients who have lost their job one of the first things they talk about is how much they regret not having up-skilled while in work as it would have helped them gain employment more quickly. Remain mindful of  how marketable you are in the current market. Don’t wait till you are given a P45.  Each year ask yourself how marketable am I if I lost my job tomorrow. How niche is your line of work? How transferable are your skills? What is current in your field and how up to date are you?

2. Reputation

You may be slaving away in the corner but if people don’t connect with you or know what you achieve it won’t help your career advancement much. Stick your head up for additional project work, come up with new ideas that help improve the business, show interest in the people you work with.

What successful person at work do you most admire?  How has their reputation been built? Ask yourself how are you seen within the business and how you would like to be seen. What small steps can you take to get there?

3. Network

How solid and diverse is your network? The majority of people find work through other people or gain work because of a reputation they have built. The more people you know and more you are respected the easier it is to make the next career move.

4. Attitude

How is your attitude to life, to work, to the world? It’s easier to build a good reputation and network if you have a positive attitude. The reality is we like positive people with upbeat ‘can do’ attitudes whether it be in or outside of work. Ask yourself how your attitude is coming across when you deal with others and what steps you can take to improve it.

5. Where do you want to progress to?

Give yourself space and time to wonder where do you want to take your career. Think beyond the obvious  straight career ladder up and up to senior management. Ask yourself what would you like your typical day to look like, what would you be doing, what skills would you be using? What motivates you and gives you most job satisfaction? Who do you most admire or envy when it comes to  your line of work? What lifestyle would you like to lead? What type of roles would support you to gain what it is  you are looking for and what steps can you take to get there?

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