Career Coaching

Career Coaching available in Cork City or via Skype.

Are you feeling stuck in your career? Leap Career Coaching programme aims to take you on a journey from uncertainty about your present career, through to having a clear vision of a career that is right for you, and a plan for how to get there.

LEAP Career Coaching Programme

The career coaching programme has been carefully tailored using research into best practice in career evaluation and transition, backed up by my own experience as a career coach, recruiter and HR advisor.

The tried and tested career coaching programme has been designed around four main areas: Personality, Skills, Research, and Marketing.

Research shows that those who are most satisfied and motivated by their work are in careers which reflect who they really are; careers which reflect their true nature and their real passions; careers which draw on their innate strengths; careers which allow them to honour their deeply-held values.

Because of this, the foundation of the career coaching programme entails a long, hard look at who you are and how you view the world.  To assist with the Personality phase, a range of personality assessments are used, along with specific career coaching exercises and powerful questions, to help you gain greater self-awareness.

The aim is to gain clarity on what you must have in your career to feel satisfied and fulfilled by looking at:

•Your personality
•Your values
•Your key work motivator’s

•Your preferred working environment/industry/organisation
During the second, Skills phase, we will examine your key strengths and working environment preferences. The Skills phase aim is to support you to gain clarity around:

•Your personal strengths
•Your transferable skills

•The skills you enjoy using most

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The next layer of the programme is the Research phase which involves brainstorming career ideas and getting informed about what is needed to gain work in your chosen areas. This whole empowering process will enable you to turn your vision of a career that’s right for you into a soundly based action plan to make it happen.

You will investigate the top career possibility and research:

•How to align your needs
•Suitable positions
•Industry trends
•Job search strategies
Armed with the above information you are now ready for the final Marketing phase. At this point your CV and LinkedIn may need to be redesigned, interview coaching may be needed to maximise your chance of obtaining your desired role, networking tools etc.

The areas of focus are dependent on your needs, some of the areas that may be covered are:

•Career Planning
•CV review
•Interview Skills
•Exit strategy

Like any coaching relationship, the coach is there to support you in achieving your goals but to make this programme effective you will need to take action. In order to achieve the outcomes desired and that are individually appropriate, a tailored, rather than prescriptive, career coaching process is used.

Cost per Career Coaching session:

€65 – Click here to Book Employed Career Coaching

€60 – Click here to Book Unemployed Career Coaching

€55 – Click here to Book Full-time Student Career Coaching

Six sessions are recommended to complete the programme. €25 reduction given when six sessions are paid for together. Click here to Book and Pay for Six Sessions

A small investment that can rip long-lasting career development rewards.

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Address: 7 South Mall, Cork

“Coaching is based on the premise that each person has all the answers to all their questions, and the role of the coach is to facilitate the client in gaining clarity, setting goals, and taking action.”  Irish Lifecoach Institute